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  1. Full system specs: intel i7-9700k asus rog strix z390-f asus strix rtx 2070 corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600mhz (2x8) silverstone strider gold 850w 80 plus gold we are also just about to take it apart and build it again without the case and try again
  2. Tried that multiple times, and nothing, but its odd since the mobo still gets atleast some power to light up the led etc
  3. Also the mobo does receive power since all the led on the mobo and gpu light up
  4. So, im building my friends pc with a Rog Strix z390-f gaming motherboard and a lian li lancool one digital case, and i have an issue with the system panel/front io stuff. Simply, the pc wont start, everything else is wired correctly, except i cant figure out why the pc wont start, im pretty sure its the power sw 2 pin cable (power sw and CH) but i have never heard of ch in these pins and i’ve built pc’s before
  5. Now i seemed to acutally find a JRGB1 header in the MOBO, so im assuming thats the connector?
  6. So im building a secondary pc, and the motherboard seem to not have a RGB header for the wraith max cooler, is there any way to hook it up to it ? MOBO: MSI B450-A Pro MAX
  7. I have a PHILIPS 49PUS8303/12 TV and i wanna connect my old PS2 to it, the issues is that the TV only has ypbpr port ( a 3,5 mm port ), no AV/Scart, and a few HDMI ports, I have 2 " adapters ", first one is just Red/Green/Blue that combines to a 3,5mm jack, and the second one is the same, but with Yellow/Red/White. I can get output from the PS2 by using its own cables which are Yellow/Red/White and connecting the Yellow one with the aforementioned R/G/B adapter, spesifically to the Green one and plugging that in to the ypbpr, but the output is black/white and there is no sound, and plugging the other cables to the left off G/B doesnt do anything. I also tried the other adapter with no output at all, which im guessing has to do that it just doesnt work in the ypbpr port. Also, if its not possible to use with the cables i have, should i just try and buy a PS2 component cable with the 2 REDs /Green and blue ports and plug that with the other adapter that i have? So, what should i do in order to get output with colors and some audio, would love to play some of those old games? ALSO, if this post is not in the correct "subformus/forum" please guide to the right one!
  8. Just thought about the Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler, it wont fit to the case with the side panel, about 5mm too big, so would an AMD Wraith Max be enough for the 2600?
  9. Btw, i know this question probably should be in a " modding subforum " or something like that, on the 1060, one of the 1 fans has a broken blade on it, works fine otherwise, execpt it vibrates quite a lot, so can it be just bypassed with taking the fans off and replacing them with something like case fans etc,? so it wouldnt harm the motherboard with the vibration.
  10. So, in an another post i was asking about rather cheap parts for building a secondary pc and i've come up with these, and i was wondering will it be bottlenecked in anyway? Parts that will most likely be ordered: Ryzen 5 2600 3,4GHz 6-core G.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) Ripjaws V, DDR4 3200MHz, CL16 Corsair 550W CX550 PSU MSI B450-A Pro MAX These parts would be combined with a gtx 1060 6GB GPU, SSD and HDD and a Noctua NH-D15 SE AM4 cooler. The GPU, storage and cooler are old stuff i just have in my closet so the PC would be built around those parts to begin with!
  11. So, i think these would be my final parts for the pc, any tips will be appreciated if you see anything that should be different. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3,4GHz 6-core G.skill 16GB (2x8GB) Ripjaws V, DDR3 3200MHz, CL16 Corsair 550W CX550 PSU MSI B450-a Pro Max ATX
  12. Sorry, didnt notice the PSU question, its a Corsair VS650, not sure about the Bronze, gold rating thingy, since its about 3-4 years old But i think it might be 80 plus White
  13. Is the VRM cooling any different on the normal ATX compared to mATX
  14. Well that's the same price as the other one i was looking at, but good to know about that!