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    Ryzen 2600 oc 4ghz
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    B450m gaming pro
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    16gb Team Delta ddr4 3200mhz
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    Vega 64
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    Corsair air 240
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    1tb ssd
    120gb NVMe
    4tb Hardrive
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    800w corsair
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    Samsung C24F39 24"
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    Amd wraith prism
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    Cerwin vega 3
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    Windows 10

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  1. know this missing inductor number? Macbook pro a1398 15"


    1. yaboistar


      no, although it is interesting why you'd pick me as someone who would know what it is lol. could be an SMT inductor, resistor, capacitor or even fuse. can't tell just from looking at where it was


      given the marks around the pads it looks as if the component has been broken off with force, and given the scratching on the display screws i'd say this macbook had a botched screen repair. it looks like the display connector has a release latch and i would suspect the SMT component was broken off while someone tried to release that latch, most likely with a metal implement.

    2. The jiggle dude

      The jiggle dude

      Ok thanks for the reply, sorry im new to linus tech tips forums, didn't know who to ask.

      Thanks anyway

  2. Recently bought a faulty macbook pro, the display doesn't turn on and there is no chime, when i turn it on it turns off after 20 seconds When disassembling, i noticed that one of the inductors was missing near the display connector, i have searched for a schematic, but i couldn't find one without paying for it. Could someone plz tell me what inductor this is, and if it's only that causing all the problem?