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  1. Cybergenik

    Alienware gpu underutilized, help!

    I checked temps, the temps go to 83C and not throttling.
  2. Cybergenik

    Alienware gpu underutilized, help!

    Its not a cpu bottleneck... It can't be I was running these same games on the same settings before. While I'm playing OW my cpu will be at 100% while my gpu is at 12-15%, how its supposed to run is 45-60% cpu and 85-95% gpu.
  3. Cybergenik

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    how do you like them apples
  4. Hi everyone, I started noticing recently that whenever I played games I was getting significantly lower fps that I used to. Before: Overwatch- 220-240 fps, low settings League of Legends- 250-260 fps, low-medium settings WoW- 150 fps, medium high settings After: Overwatch- 135-155 fps, low settings League of Legends- 120-145 fps, low-medium settings WoW- 90 fps, medium high settings I opened task manager while running the games and realized that my gpu was significantly under performing, before running at about 85-100% on most games, now it only ran at 15% while playing OW, 12% in LoL, and 13% in WoW... But my cpu that once ran at about 35-50% on most games, is now maxed out at 100%. I think for some reason my games are running directly off my integrated graphics in my Alienware laptop. I've tried going into the Nvidia control panel, changed all the settings to use my gpu, I also checked that my laptop is optimized for performance not battery. Still nothing and the only thing I could find online was to re-install Windows. Please help me!, Here are the specs of the machine: Alienware 17 R4 Microsoft Windows 10 Home i7-7700HQ @ 2.8ghz base GTX 1070 (Driver version 430.64) 32gb RAM
  5. Never seen Linus this sad and stressed out at the same time, I mean look at his face as he looks at that lifeless tube dripping water... like an 80 year old man taking a piss.
  6. HEEEELP ME! Alienware 17 R4 i7-7700 HK 32gb RAM GTX 1070 Windows 10 64bit For some reason I noticed that after updating my laptop to the newest Windows 10 update, for some reason it will begin to under-use my gpu. Usually im running Overwatch at Low-medium settings at ~180fps only using %40-50 of my gpu. But then all of a sudden it will go down to like %6-15 usage and thus lower my fps to 20-30. I've been looking everywhere and the only thing i could find was that apperantly 2 months ago there was a windows update that fucked with Alienware laptops and that they where going to fix them. Is there anything I can do?