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  1. Latest bios, since i had to upgrade it to be able to support this cpu, and latest drivers. Oh well, i guess i will need a new cable. Tnx guys.
  2. Yes i have 2 remaining ports and its still 10/10
  3. Ok, i will try to fiddle with more options that are crossing my mind to see if i can get any sort of solution. Feel free to post any advice you think can help, and if nothing works, as a last resort i will go and get cat6 cable. Tnx.
  4. Cable was made with cat5e cable cut to size, and he fitted connectors. But still, that same cable is ok on 2 laptops, just not on this pc.
  5. Networking tech installed cable for me, and tested it on his laptop and it was topping speeds (mine internet is 50mb/s) Tried rebooting multiple times.
  6. Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum since i was not able to find a solution anywhere online. Today i installed new cat5e cable to connect my PC to my home network, and the problem is that my speed is 10mb/s tops. That speed is also shown in ethernet adapter options. I tried to switch it in setting, and no matter what setting i used eg 100mbs, 1gbs, it still stays on 10/10. Also there is another problem. i used same cable in my laptop, and when i measure speed, its 50mb/s on speedtest. Also every other wifi device can pull better speeds, around 30mb/s. Problem continues, this same PC on another location one week ago (in my Uni) was able to top 100mb/s speeds. And back home it wont pass 10mb/s no matter what i do. I tired to connect my laptops wifi and share it to this pc trough ethernet port, and then it gets better speeds than 10mb/s, around 30mb/s I checked in my router options to see if maybe PC was capped, and i dont see that there is any setting for that in any shape of form, also tried to reset it (not restart), still same problem. tried to switch ports, nope, still the same. My motherboard is asrock h110m pro-vd, intel g4600, HyperX 8gb ddr4 2400, Nvidia GTX 1050ti, and i runs windows 10 latest update. Im rly confused atm, any help or suggestions? Tnx