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  1. NeTron

    gtx 970 sli cable?

    hi I've two gtx970 Evga, I want Sli but I don't know which cable is the best to buy. what do you recommend guys?
  2. NeTron

    Croshair H100i

    maximus vi formula
  3. NeTron

    Croshair H100i

    Can't find them in the bios i have plugged them in the Opt_fan is that right?
  4. NeTron

    Croshair H100i

    Can i connect it to the pump?
  5. NeTron

    Croshair H100i

    Thanks guys
  6. NeTron

    Croshair H100i

    I have the Croshair H100i The fans are too loud and i can't controll them, i need to plug them in the pump or something i heard. but i don't have the adapter or what they are called, dose anyone know where i can buy them from? thanks