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  1. So basically I am making a new system but I want to use the same SSD as my old one to save some money. I wanted to see if anyone knew if I would be able to just clear the drive when installing fresh Windows on my new system. To be clear my old build broke meaning it still has a windows install on the SSD. I have a new copy of windows I just need to know if I can clear it and install a fresh copy of windows. Thanks.
  2. Was wondering if anyone knew. I can’t find this info online.
  3. Are you 100% positive? Sorry I really don’t want to get this wrong and have to buy another. I do have an adapter but I don’t know if that could impact performance some how.
  4. So I am going to be building a new Ryzen system soon so I wanted to organize everything on PC Part Picker and I saw that my PSU was incompatible with my ASUS X570 P motherboard because it needs additional 4 pin 12v power next to the 8 pin CPU connector. I have never saw this before and was wondering if I should get a PSU with this specifically or if it’s okay to use an adapter which for some reason my old PSU on my other system had. Thanks.
  5. How long can i run an Ethernet cable without sacrificing on performance?