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    Core i3 - 2130
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    8GB 1333MHz
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    480GB SSD - Kingston
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    Windows 10

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  1. Can you take a picture of the actual card? EDIT: Looks like it could be a GTX 650. Base clock and transistor count matches, although the 650 only came with 1GB VRAM, but that can be spoofed with the BIOS.
  2. Is it a brand new build? Windows could be updating loads of things in the background.
  3. What are the temps like for your CPU? Maybe it's thermal throttling?
  4. I currently don't have a GPU, I had an RX 460 a while back, but sold it when I built my "new" PC.
  5. My current set up is as follows: Core i7 3770 8GB 1866MHz RAM (2x4gb) 480 SSD 700 Aerocool PSU 80 Bronze 75Hz Freesync AOC monitor I'm thinking of getting an RX590, will this allow me to get a solid 75fps at Very High / Ultra settings at 1080p? My budget for a GPU is £200. Is the 5500XT likely to be under that? I think it's probably best to stick to AMD because of my freesync monitor. The games I'm intersted in are: The Outer Worlds Cyberpunk 2077 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Destiny 2 Overwatch
  6. If you have spare sata power connectors you can use a 2-sata to 1-6pin adapter. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bolongking-PCIe-Dual-Power-Cable/dp/B07P5MZ8QY/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1E1CL2JD2NNP0&keywords=2+sata+to+6pin&qid=1575231168&sprefix=2+sata+t%2Caps%2C137&sr=8-3
  7. Definitely the 1600 in that case, it's better for both gaming AND video editing.
  8. They Ryzen 3 1400 might be a good option if you can find it for a similar price, due to the multi-threading.
  9. I don't think this would be you're bottleneck, I'd just spend the money on a 2070 Super or if you've got the budget without the new CPU a 2080 Super.
  10. If you make sure you update your BIOS your mobo should be able to support up to an i7 7700K, which would be quite a bit step up.
  11. I've seen various threads and articles saying using a sata to 6-pin adapter could be dangerous as they'd only be safe to deliver up to 54W. However I cant find much that take two sata to one 6-pin adapters, would these be safe up to 108W? I'm considering getting a GTX 1650 Super on launch, and their TDP seems to be 100W. My HP prebuilt has a proprietory PSU (320W) and mobo, but I have 3 sata power outputs free (two on one cable, and one on the cable powering the SSD). Surely I'd only need to provide a max of 25W through the 6-pin connector as the card would take 75W from the PCI-e slot? Does anyone have any experience of these?
  12. Which do you think would offer a better experience for single player games? An Xbox One X with 1TB HDD Or a PS4 Pro and I'll upgrade to a 1TB SSD for the same total price as the Xbox One X As far as I'm aware there's no easy way to upgrade the HDD in an Xbox. I only have a 1080p TV if that makes much difference?
  13. I previoulsy posted about the best GPU to go with my i3 2130, I've since bought an i5 2500K for £18, would a GTX 1650 now be a good match? My motherboard doesn't allow overclocking, but there were no non-K versions available, and the 2400 was basically the same price. Ideally I'd like to be playing games such as: Jedi Fallen Order COD Modern Warfare Doom Eternal Cyberpunk 2077 I have no 6-pin power, but could use 2 x Sata to 1 6-pin EDIT: I've also increased my RAM from 8GB to 12GB of DDR3 1333MHz.
  14. You'll probably want a version without the 6-pin power connector, but otherwise you should be fine.
  15. I'm looking at stepping into PC gaming. I have a HP Tower with an i3-2130 3.4GHz CPU, and I'm wondering what the best GPU would be to pair it with? My setup is: Core i3-2130 4 x 2GB DDR3 1333MHz 480GB SDD 320W PSU Windows 10 My gut says the GTX 1650, but I'm not sure if I could get the full potential out of it? I don't have any 6 or 8-pin conections on my PSU, however I've seen you can get SATA to 6-pin that seem to be quite reliable? I don't mind going used, but I'm in the UK and prices can be a little higher than the US. Thanks!