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  1. I have 1 PC its specs are i7 2600 GTX 1050 2GB 8GB ddr3 My Motherboard is bad so ill swap it... Is my i7 2600 enough for streaming game like overwatch and playing it at the same time? I dont have a secondary PC and i am on budget... So will it be able and if it will be whats the preset i want to go with to get best preformance in game and look on the stream?
  2. MatYou

    I7 2600 temps

    Hello again...i just have one question but let me tell you story first... i just got an i7 2600(not k) and its working totally fine so when i got the new cpu i changed my termal paste... i bought the best cooler master thermal paste i could find (not a liquid metal but a thermal gel)...i poped a some of it on my cpu put back my cpu cooler and... got resaults i didnt expect at all... temps on CPU are 68°C in normal cases, and around 80°C while streaming/recording gameplay... i need to say its usually realy hot in my room in the day time its probably 33°C in here and in the night ~30°C... These temps were recorded during the night... Are they normal for my CPU... ? Should i check if i put my cooler right or something? I dont realy know if does temps are normal in any way or healthy for my CPU... I heared that room temp plays a big rool in temps... so idk if thats a problem... any help?
  3. Do you mean it will be barely enough or it wont be enough
  4. I was planing to buy a second pc for streaming and an elgato capture card... But will an old i5 2400 be enough just for streaming and thats it... I dont want my main gaming pc to be affected by cpu useage so i decided to do it like this but i am not shure if it is gonna be enough considering an old sandy bridge arch. is almost 7 y old... BTW i am on a budget so pls dont say stuff like buy ryzen 5 1600 or i7 8700k... even an i7 2600 is out of my budget.... if you have a cheap CPU that can handle it better fell free to say... any suggestion will help...so to say it again it will only stream and nothing else... no other cpu intens apps will be running...
  5. Hi,i am MatYou(ok you can clearly see that) I have a problem that occured today for the first time and its happening all the time I am experiencing stutters i mean kind of stutters.. Let me explain: -So i am a PC gamer and sometimes when i play my screen just lag or something and everything stops for a sec(or few seconds) idk whats the problem i am playing fast paced games (Overwatch) and its impactining my gameplay very much. -The problem also occured while i was watching twitch stream with the lags that came from me and not the stream by it self... -I checked the task manager to see if i am running low on RAM(because i know when you are low on ram space your game will experience sudden frame drops(from 60 to 0 in 0 sec )) but everything seemed to be fine even while i was playing i had comfort of few gigs of ram -This problem occured not only in overwatch but in every other game i played(Call of duty,Fortnite)... (damn i missed that Victory royale because of it ) -I think i need to mention that i recently bought new 144hz monitor...(I know i connected it through DP) My sistem: (i know its a potatoe for 144hz gaming monitor but i am only 16 and on a budget^-^) -I5 2400 4cores 3.1GHz -8GB DDR3 1333Mhz -Gtx 1050 2GB -300W PSU -Lenovo Legion 144hz 1080p (monitor) -And yea i lowered the settings in games so that i can maintain that 144 FPS all the time -My FPS is running between 144-110/119 -If you need any more info just ask i will reply as fast as i can