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  1. Bump: any suggestions or any possible help?
  2. so i recently upgraded my ps4's hdd, and i've been trying to reformat it. while in an enclosure the computer registers a storage drive but does not show it, i looked at command prompt, cant even find it. used ease us, it found the hdd but kept spitting out i/o errors everything was, partition ease us and command prompt. i tried looking for bad sectors and after 3-4 hours it only went through 0.12% of the hard drive, i want to use the hard drive as an externl for games i own but rarely play, any and all suggestions are welcome!
  3. so i've been messing around with my laptop screen settings and after googling pulling up videos to double check how it looks i'm finally happy with the changes. i now want to do that on my desktops monitors and i'm wondering if there are any resources to figure out best setting options?
  4. understandable at that point it would likely be better to save towards a newer laptop and swap the hard drives if there is anything I needed off of this laptop, I'm just hoping I can breathe some life into this older laptop so that I can keep using it out of the house.
  5. i was thinking somewhere in the I5 Mobile range, some have suggested the best upgrade for the NE56R would be the Intel Celeron B960 i was hoping it would be possible to get up to that I5 but i'm not sure what the single heat pipe can handle though
  6. the question i'm wondering isL is it worth upgrading non soldered laptop CPU's? I have a Gateway NE56R with an Intel Celeron B820 CPU. i've been doing research into finding upgrade options for a socket G@ (and i have found options) i'm just wondering is it worth it to upgrade? does upgrading the CPU increase the longevity of the laptop?
  7. it's an older HDD that was in one of my parent's laptop they gave to me (salvaged the Hard Drive, Ram Sticks, and the CPU from it since it was broken) and I found a higher space Toshiba drive that i want to swap into another laptop (120 GB vs 320 GB) and i'm more afraid of the failure rate of both these older drives
  8. how are toshiba HDD's? are they worth it for an older laptop upgrade? toshiba 2.5 in driver versus a seagate 2.5 in HDD
  9. So it's been a couple of weeks since i last updated this post i finally had some time to look at the rig. I found another slot for a fan i just need to find a way to screw it in and plug it in safely Aside from that i replaced the thermal paste and the photo is the temps from a 45 minute stress test (NO CPU 0 FAILURE ) once i have some extra money i'll likely look into a new more secure case to put it into
  10. thank you, this is the first time i'll be purchasing a graphics card so does brand matter?
  11. thank you, this is the first time i'll be purchasing a graphics card so does brand matter?
  12. I'm looking to upgrade my Desktops Graphics Card my setup is: I5-4670 (Non K), Asus Z87-C, Intel 4600 integrated Graphics, 8 gb's of Ram. what I want to do is some light to medium gaming (Runescape, Animation Throwdown, Fortnite{I want Higher than Low settings}, Duel Links, Fallout 4, Minecraft). I also plan to do personal dvd backups on the computer(doubt this is a gpu situation though). i also want to start streaming in the future, the budget i have is $200 CAD, what would be a good upgrade in this price range. if any other info is needed please let me know
  13. it has vents on the side panels so it may be able to support a fan there, it likely does need new thermal paste, i'll double check on everything and get back to you guys