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  1. Froberg

    gpu clock

    well that stupid idea did the job opened msi after burner did a +1 clock and it fixed it thanks
  2. Froberg

    gpu clock

    the clock goes lower if i set my oc to +0 it goes down to 950
  3. Froberg

    gpu clock

    so i have a gtx 1070 ti i have asus gpu tweak II and i decided to try oc scan but mid way i had to go so i canceled it next thing i know my gpu clock is way lower even in my settings any way to fix the clock speed? as you can see the gpu boost says 1851 but on the info graph its 1101 (yes i get less frames)
  4. So I have a gtx 1070ti strix and the back plate has a large amount of dust im wondering what ways can I use to clean it?
  5. Froberg

    cs go fps

    running max on 1440p but the game should run in about 300 frames as a gtx 1070ti is more than enough to play cs in 4k
  6. Froberg

    cs go fps

    the pc is already in high preformance and the gpu is at 2050 mhz while gaming
  7. Froberg

    cs go fps

    when i play cs i get 120 -150 fps my pc i7 4790 gtx 1070ti 2x8 1600mhz ram temps are great cpu max is 48 and gpu dosnt go over 60 most game the gpu is around 80-100% usage as it needs to be as i play at 1440p in cs the % is very low my friend has a gtx 1050ti and gets 500 frames vsync is off is there a way to make my gpu work harder so id get 200+ frames as my monitor is 165 hz
  8. any recommendation ? (one with no mic )
  9. i have the razer kraken pro v2 i want to upgrade to the audiotechnica m50x are they better for gaming ( dont care about the mic got a seperate one)
  10. so i have a i7 4790 and when playing games on most game its at 3.9 ghz but some games its at 3.7-3.8 just wondering why and how can i get it to the 4ghz where its supposed to be its not overheating as the max temp i get on 100% load while stressing it is 55c
  11. Channel A: DDR3_2, DDR3_4 Channel B: DDR3_1, DDR3_3 it says in the manual i understand now its 2 and 1 or 4 and 3 Edit: 1 from a and 1 from b as dual channel and not 1 channel
  12. the thing is every where i see they say in the same color slots and 1 and 2 are the same color 4 and 3 are same )
  13. so i have the gigabyte z97p-d3 and im wondering in what ram slots do i put the ram i just bought 2x8 kit http://download.gigabyte.eu/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_ga-z97p-d3_e.pdf heres the manual do i put them in 2 and 4 or 1 and 3 (2and 4 are next to each other same with 1 and 3 no 1slot diffrence)
  14. so i want to buy 2x8 ddr3l my motherboard is gigabyte z97P-D3 with an i7 4790 non k will ddr3l work with it?