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  1. oh oops, i meant high ping* my bad.
  2. Hey guys, i want to know if the low ping is caused by bad router or isp, and is it because many people are connected to the same router?
  3. Yeah, seems it is actually locked from bootloader or something so i wont be able to flash roms to it unlike the non-telecom branded ones. so yeah. Never buy verizon bundles :3
  4. Can you give links here? Because i cant find any roms for sm-t807v, only for other models like t805,
  5. And yes, verizon sucks xD, but it came from a promo thingy so it’s not all bad
  6. I tried deleting cache from the recovery mode, it didnt fix anything, i can try flashing a new rom, i will update once i have the time to do it.
  7. Thanks, i will do this in my free time, and i will update as soon as possible, thanks for the response
  8. Hello guys, i would like to know more about mobile devices (specifically android os), i have a samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 (SM T807V) and when i launch mobile games it would tend to crash alot, and in youtube app it would pause a video frequently for some reason, also a lot of times the tablet's touchscreen won't work, but the buttons work. Now the tablet has been used in the US for 2 years, but it was given to us by our relatives because they can't open it anymore, saying that the battery is malfunctioning which i did not believe at first because it was charging well, and i hard reset the device. Then i downloaded apps and these problems happened, could it be that the battery affected the behavior of the device? or is it something else? i would like to get information and if there are any possible solutions, i will do so. thank you in advance