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  1. I'd agree that open source should be standard with VPN clients. Now, point 2 on their list is the most important,"verifiable zero access". I just don't know how they plan to make that provable or how to make their customers see that for themselves. I got PIA a year ago and still have 3 years left so I'm still using it unless something more comes out. Granted, I use a VPN very infrequently, but for those using a VPN regularly, I think part 2 of their plan, whatever it means, is critical.
  2. In a blog post on the PIA site, PrivateInternetAccess VPN co-founder Andrew Lee announced several measures aimed at improving the company's transparency and trust in the community. Transparency and trust which has seemingly withered since the Kape acquisition was announced. The biggest initiative is open-sourcing their clients, starting with the desktop client. A new Github repo has been started here. From the blog post: Link: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2019/12/dont-trust-verify/ Love to hear everyone's thoughts on these efforts. I know many people are waiting to hear what the company has planned to do in order to make a decision on whether to switch VPNs.