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  1. Forgot motherboard is some dell board and if need to know anything else let me know.
  2. Well first the game froze then the computer shutoff. Next the system is an am3 phenom ii x3 720, rx 560, w7 home , thermaltac 420 watt psu. And the CPU stays around 50℃ I can remember the gpu but I don't think it got too hot it was only a month old and was playing just fine and did heaven benchmark and it all stayed cool did for like and hour then week later all this happened.
  3. OK now I'm not saying I don't appreciate the help but does anyone have different idea I have only got it could be power but nothing else and no I don't over clock not yet at least
  4. Not so sure I have had those small game console with pre-loaded game say need 9v but I put 6v plug in and it worked for months until I put the right plug in which it still works
  5. I got on it again after that and it said the 12v rail was at 8v and the 5v rail was at 8v
  6. My computer just froze will I was playing games then picture broke best way I can explain then it shut off. Next I powered it back on and did the something.
  7. I would need to call out if he didnt be a dick im just tired want to right something down see if anyone can help than go to sleep. Thats all and this isnt the only forum out there so if now one wants to help fine.
  8. You can go away then im sure someone else will help i dont need some being a dick.
  9. motherboard: asus m5a97 r2.0 cpu: phenom ii x4 965BE power: evga 600watt ram: 10gb of kingston storage: 1tb wd black gpu: r7 240 wifi: dell wifi chip windows 7 home
  10. its from amazon so no one to really talk to. Also i dont care about punctuation its 4:30am for me.
  11. I just put together my first computer and i got some part just handed to me so i said why not build a computer. i bought some used parts like my motherboard and everything works but the blue pcie x16 slot an dim not saying it doesn't work at all it just wont say theres a graphics card there. i get picture but everything is slow and laggy so i moved it to the black pcie x4 slot and works fine. i also put graphics card that gets power from 6 pin and it works in pci x16 slot so why is the lowered card not working. Any suggestions help.