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  1. I'm using the Ryzen 2600 so I don't think its my CPUs fault.
  2. This usually happens after a while when I've just turned on my PC. I've noticed this thing where my mouse pointer slows down abruptly for a few seconds or so then the screen may blink once and the pointer speed returns to normal. This hasn't really been bothering me but it doesn't seem like something normal so thats why I'm here.
  3. Thanks for your input man, really appreciate it. But judging by the conclusion that Mini cards suck, is it worth it to sell this card off and top up about $25-$30 to get a better model?
  4. Yea ive heard about the ram thing but at the time they were expensive so I settled with 2666mhz. About the CPU clockspeeds, can i overclock it to 4GHz on the stock cooler without changing any voltage settings because i really dont want to accidentally fry it.
  5. Yea I haven't overclocked it yet but will in a while. And yes it is a pretty basic model (zotac mini).
  6. 1. No its set to the default clocks but it does overclock itself but never above 3800MHZ 2. I pretty much set it to 100% at all times lol 3. For the GPU I've set it at 2025 core clock speed and as for the CPU refer to 1. 4. Ram speed is at 2666MHz via XMP
  7. Doesn't make much sense because most people with worse CPUs than mine are getting higher so I have to admit I'm abut worried here but i also have to mention this card has been mined on for about a year so I'm not sure if that has any effect.
  8. No its the zotac mini gtx 1070. Lower as in much lower or slightly lower and negligible even.
  9. Did some benchmarking on the Unigine Heaven Benchmark and here is what i got. BTW the 9FPS Min is when it stuttered a little. P.S. nothing is overclocked in the system.