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  1. I'm about to purchase a used GTX 1070 and i need to know what type of tests should i run on it to validate that it's a well functioning card.
  2. Ohhh didn't know that, thanks for pointing it out. Might sound ridiculous but for me the hardest part of building a pc is to screw in the motherboard and trying to align the motherboard to the case standoffs and the i/o shield at the same time.
  3. OK so yesterday I just built my own PC and thankfully it boots up but I'm just concerned about this one screw hole on the motherboard standoff that I could not screw into for some reason. When I tried screwing into it, the screw bent sideways and never ended up into the hole and after a few attempts I gave up since I didn't want to damage my motherboard. It's weird because my motherboard hole was about half a millimetre misaligned from the screw hole which caused it but then all the other standoffs were aligned. I'm just afraid if it somehow shorts the motherboard.
  4. Yea recalled a video where it's advised to wiggle it a bit while pulling it off but still no luck. Might have to just let it go.
  5. I routed the cable the wrong way and now I'm trying my best to get that cable off and so far I'm having no luck... it's like it's fucking glued to the socket. If I don't manage to pull it out its no big deal but it'll still drive me crazy for years to come seeing the cable sticking out like that.
  6. Indominus-Rex

    Extra 8GB of RAM or 240GB nvme SSD?

    I read it and I'm not quite sure. Are you trying to say it's good or bad? From what the website says it's decent .
  7. Indominus-Rex

    Extra 8GB of RAM or 240GB nvme SSD?

    Says resource can't be found
  8. Indominus-Rex

    Extra 8GB of RAM or 240GB nvme SSD?

    Yep same capacity
  9. Indominus-Rex

    Extra 8GB of RAM or 240GB nvme SSD?

    The sole reason to why I'm getting the nvme drive is cause it costs the same and if it performs better, why not?
  10. Indominus-Rex

    Extra 8GB of RAM or 240GB nvme SSD?

    It's this one and it cost about 70 dollars
  11. Indominus-Rex

    Extra 8GB of RAM or 240GB nvme SSD?

    Found a good deal for the nvme drive so it's cheaper than the Sata counterpart so I thought I'd just go for that since it's better anyways. But currently I don't have a PC so I won't be able to tell if my ram is gonna be maxed out so are you suggesting that I should wait until after I've built my pc before buying any of those parts?
  12. Ok so I've got some leftover cash out of my pc budget and I'm not quite sure where I should spend it. Would be nice if I could get some opinions. In case you're wondering, I'll be using my pc mostly for gaming and editing but more of gaming honestly so both components are pretty important to me. Pc specs so far Ryzen 2600 Msi b350 gaming pro carbon 8gb Geil superluce rgb Random 500gb hdd Corsair 275r tg Gigabyte g1 gtx 1070 Evga 500w psu
  13. Indominus-Rex

    How to remove the back panel of my case?

    Thanks! Managed to get it off.
  14. Might be a dumb question but im currently trying to open the back panel of the corsair 275r after removing the captive screws but even then it wont budge so tips please? Btw this is my first case.
  15. Indominus-Rex

    How to break my two finger typing habbit

    I get made fun of alot tho lol