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  1. ZihanYu

    What is this thing?

    Ok thanks!
  2. ZihanYu

    What is this thing?

    hi people I Am not a techy person at all and I am trying to move my router and it is connected to this. Wtf is this thing
  3. I found this and it seems to cheap
  4. ZihanYu

    PSU - What tier is this?

    Just get a 80+ bronze or above
  5. ZihanYu

    PSU - What tier is this?

    Here is a better choice
  6. ZihanYu

    YouTube Outage

    Just trying to watch YouTube but it wouldn’t open. Is it just me or is it YouTube?
  7. ZihanYu

    Help with a new Laptop

    1080p 8gb ram 8th gen 4 core i7 ssd and hard drive. Check it out
  8. ZihanYu

    Liquid or air cooling for new build?

    Linus made a video about is called airflow test or something
  9. ZihanYu

    Pcie sound card project

    I understand, I have a hyperx cloud 2 and it does rally good surround sound. this project is just for fun and if lucky, get something cool out of it
  10. ZihanYu

    CPU scam???

    We might be seeing something different, l am seeing 125 USD for a 1950x
  11. ZihanYu

    CPU scam???

    I think it’s a Chinese nockoff...
  12. ZihanYu

    CPU scam???

    So should I buy it for my streaming/adobe stuff editing pc?
  13. ZihanYu

    CPU scam???

    But it’s a 1950x though