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  1. Me and all my friends Instagram isn’t working. Is it just us? We r in New York if that matters
  2. I am pretty sure that its software with district or something, not hardware
  3. MX master 2s xiomi something with gtx 1050 pretty sure its not the problem tho
  4. I play overwatch and fortnite on my laptop and the mouse input latency can sometimes go up to 100ms. I wasn't sure if it was hardware so I tried some roblox games and it works 100% fine with no noticeable delay. any ideas on how to fix it? thanks
  5. Btw the delay time changes, ranging from 50 to 500ms at most. Most the time it’s aroud like 70ms i will try to reinstall DX thx a lot
  6. Yes the delay between my mouse movement and in game character movement is around 500ms and extremely noticeable especially when u play hit scam characters witch I offen do
  7. I am using the mx master 2s and a xiomi pro whatever laptop (gtx 1050) and the mouse curser does not have any lag and when I use the mouse with my desktop it’s fine. i only play overwatch on my laptop and yeah. help
  8. Is it possible to get a new intel WiFi/Bluetooth card and switch it?
  9. 1. I like windows 2. I don’t think mys a intel card
  10. so linus made this video: and made windows 10 look like windows 7. does anyone know anything like this to make it mac-ish? btw I am doing in on the xiomi pro cus it looks like a mac Lmao
  11. Ok cool. Linus made a video about making gaming system with old server stuff. Should I consider the ltaniums?
  12. So if it was a failure, why is it still on there website?
  13. Just bored and looked at intels website and saw Quark and Itanium. Never heard of it? What is it mainly used for?