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  1. The cheapest in my area is like $119. Second hand btw. New one cost 199
  2. Do you rip CDs for movies or music? CDs size is very less compared to bluray. I rip bluray 1080p around 15-20 gigs. I have hundreds of movies, mostly on bluray. I also rip TV shows with 3gigs each episode. 4 4tb drives works for me well enough. I'm planning on 4k, I might also need to upgrade.
  3. Single 4tb hdd is huge enough for 1080p in future.
  4. I want my PC to be future proof and Linus himself said you should get on monitor below 1440p 60hz. If I get a 144hz monitor I can lower some settings to make it stable to play on 1440p.
  5. Yes its a 3600 with 2060. PUBG is a graphically demanding game, I just want to play 1440p at 60+ fps.
  6. The $900 build in the new video, can it run PUBG on1440p high?
  7. I like FPS games but my old PC can't handle PUBG even at 720p high. So, I may building a new PC. Me and some of my friends wanted to play it. We all are getting the same build No, I don't plan on overclocking.
  8. I also have the same problem in VLC in my OP7. Whenever I try to go full screen it the colours would wash out.
  9. Hello everybody, I've recently decided to build a PC to play PUBG and I want no fault afterwards. So I started out checking the best CPU and GPU to play PUBG in 1440p high. I searched on YouTube first and I watched many videos but the result was not the same all along. I just want it ask that should I trust those results? Thank You.