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  1. Hmm that statement makes sense actually ill try to reinstall windows from scratch like u said But do you think this will solve my issue for my bad fps in games you think if windows shows correct readings and stuff it will make my cpu work better even if 3rd party programs display the true cpu load correctly?
  2. Hello So this issue has been happening for a pretty long time now Basically this is my RIG Mobo:MSI Z370 PC PRO GPU: 1070TI AMP XTREME ZOTAC CPU:I5 8600K RAM: Crucial 16gb ddr4 My issue is that my cpu usage according to windows task manager is 100% 24/7 but when i load up 3rd party programs like CoreTemp and CAM my cpu load is in operating means like 15% idle to 70-90 under load and what i realised from this issue is that i cant run CPU intensive games eg: Fornite,minecraft,league of legends as well as i should but i ace gpu intensive games which is really weird because when i search benchmarks on minecraft for example they get over 450-570 fps and i get 150-to 195 with lag so i really dont understand what is going on if this is a hardware issue or a software issue because i did complete windows "Recylce this pc " option twice with no results and countless other methods to fix this Does anyone have an idea of whats going because i feel if i take this pc to a pc shop ill be overcharged and they over complicate the issue on me PS: The cpu load on CAM is heavily fluctating even at idle state from 0-5% load to 50 etc
  3. so i shouldn't have any performance issues?
  4. i dont have a spare hd atm but i got windows installed on my SSD so im not sure if it the reason for this like an outdated firmware or something
  5. i even removed my cpu cooler and replaced the thermal paste and the issue still presists
  6. i just updated to the latest bios and it didnt fix the issue
  7. thank you i will attempt this now and will update
  8. svhost is running but its not using any cpu but there is system idle process thats using 90 cpu
  9. How does the status look is it really the issue
  10. i got a 144hz screen thats not the issue the issue is that my games are performing way below the expectations