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  1. Sashank99

    Solution for 6th gen i3 4gig laptop on Windows 10?

    Its very relieving to hear that for someone ubuntu is working fine for daily usage. From my experience, I first used lubuntu which gave me driver issues, so I thought Ubuntu would solve that problem but one day when the keyboard stopped, I just had it. I deleted everything and removed the dual boot. But hearing from you using only ubuntu not only I am considering reinstalling it again but I want to clap for your bravery. Thanks for the help.
  2. Sashank99

    Solution for 6th gen i3 4gig laptop on Windows 10?

    That is the last resort. But can you suggest any tweaks for Windows or suggest a Linux distribution that is stable and lightweight enough? How about Neverware's cloudready or Hackintosh? Really what I am looking for is a method to get by in this hardware for a few weeks.
  3. Sashank99

    Solution for 6th gen i3 4gig laptop on Windows 10?

    I know but simple office work is getting frustrating. I should mention that it is not lagging or anything, just file swapping and responsiveness is not swift enough.
  4. Sashank99

    Solution for 6th gen i3 4gig laptop on Windows 10?

    Thought of doing that, but I don't have any unnecessary files and C is free with about 800gigs. Hardly any softwares also.
  5. I have an exam coming up and I use a 6th gen or laptop with 4gig ram and 1tb HDD not even 7200rpm. As windows 10 was the os it came with I used it, despite its heavy load on the hardware. But as I kept using it sometimes it would frustrate me in the middle of work for how long it takes to open up .jpegs or .PDFs. Don't even mention chrome's performance. I knew that the problem was mostly down to my HDD, but my current lack of resources (both time and funds) stopped me from getting a ssd. So obviously I dual booted Linux. First lubuntu, then Ubuntu. I thought at least Ubuntu wouldn't let me down with driver issues and reliability, but alas it did. So I considered windows 7, but as windows 10 is preloaded and came with a key I didn't meddle with it. But now it's making me angry with all of this friction and my sanity is being challenged. Please help.
  6. Amazon.in and category laptops.
  7. Are 2-in-1 pc's reliable tech now ? What i mean is that are they still something new and experimental or have they become a new piece of norm tech that has more versatility and stablility compared to a more traditional clamshell laptop ? Are the life time ( wear and tear ) of these hybrids long enough that they can get through 4 years of college time ? As i am deciding to buy a laptop i am in this dilema whether to buy a 2-in-1 or a clamshell ?
  8. From India and special requirement would be a touch screen i suppose.
  9. No light gaming as i suppose in this price range it would not be very good.
  10. Hi guys a student here, gonna start college in a few weeks and need a windows laptop for using mostly one note, anki and other study stuff. I have a special preference for touch displays. The touch screen is going to help in markong, doodling and other stuff and please leave those windows 10s laptops because they are not available in my country yet in the asia pecific region. And the budget is around 450 - 500 usd. Thank you in advance for help.