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  1. Hi, so at the moment I have a 40 inch 4k Samsung for my ps4 pro and my xbox one x I also use the TV for watching tv I want to get the 49 inch model of the current tv that I have, but there's a flat version and a curved version for nearly the same price, I sit about 6 foot away and am dead centre with the TV Would I benefit from a curved screen for my uses, thx
  2. So, I needed a longer HDMI cable for my ps4 pro (4 meters long) so I got a Amazon basics HDMI cable 2.0 in 7.5m (I'll attach a image below) But when I use it with my ps4 my tv screen flicks to black every few minutes for a few seconds, then displays the ps4 pro again, I thought the cable was faulty, so I bought a diffrent one, this time a kable direkt 2.0 in 4m (I'll attach a image below) And again, the same thing happens When I use the included 2m cable that comes with the ps4 pro it works fine with no problems I really need a 4m or longer cable, what am I doing wrong
  3. Reece565

    Tv 5.1

    I have a Logitech z906 5.1 system, and I want to connect it to my tv via optical output, (tv will be a Sony Bravia 43 Inch KDL43WF663BU Smart Full HD TV with HDR) will the tv output to the 5.1 speakers from a ps4 for example, as the ps4 slim don't have an optical
  4. Reece565

    Ps4 gaming

    The only reason I'm not sure is because I'm worried how 1080p sources will look on a 4k display, once there upscaled, especially on a tv bettween 39 and 50 @r2724r16
  5. Reece565

    Ps4 gaming

    @r2724r16 Call of duty, old and new (so some surrport some dont) Ps4 exclusives, last of us Gta
  6. Reece565

    Ps4 gaming

    So, I'm getting a ps4 and a tv But do I get a ps4 pro with a 4k tv, or a ps4 slim with a 1080p tv For example, how will the games that don't surrport 4k look like on a 4k display My main concern is how 1080p sources will look on a 4k display, e.g. tv,game,YouTube ect I will be gaming on a tv bettween 39 and 50 inches Thx
  7. Reece565

    Ps4 gaming

    Hi, So im getting a new tv for my ps4 (slim not pro version) my quistion is, as the prices of a 4k and a 1080p 50 inch tv are the same, what do I get, would the ps4 scale okay up to the 4k tv, or should I just get the 1080p tv, thanks
  8. Reece565

    Optical tv output

    I have a few in mind but I'm not sure what one, as there a full hd and 4k tvs the same size at the same price, would it be okay to get a 4k tv as far as scaling goes for the ps4, and no I'm not getting the pro version @TheAgnda
  9. Reece565

    Optical tv output

    So, I have a 5.1 system and I'm buying a new tv and a ps4, but the ps4 slim don't have a optical output, but the tv does, if I use the optical output on the tv, will it output in 5.1 from the ps4
  10. Reece565

    Speaker cable

    I did buy some 16 gauge speaker wire (this was before I knew i needed 18) i plugged it all in and the speakers make that noise (like when you touch a aux cable) but the sound didn't work, so I tried the original cable and it did, should the 16 gauge work or not ? @YaBoiWill Thx
  11. Reece565

    Speaker cable

    I have a set of Logitech z906 I need to get some longer speaker wires, I don't know what ones to get, it says the current ones are 18 gauge, the ones I look at on Amazon don't look the same as the current ones though , do you know what ones I need, preferably on uk Amazon Thx
  12. Reece565

    5.1 using aux

    So, I bought a set of logitech z906 But I didn't realise that I couldn't use all 5 speakers and the sub through a aux on my phone to play spotify music, it only plays in 2.1 I want to have the music play on all 5 speakers and the sub, can I buy a amp that will do this, so just the 3.5 from the speakers to the amp and then a 3.5 from the amp to the phone, thanks