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  1. I have a spare MSI BOSTON OEM G31/33 board and a Q6600 lying around in my house. I was wondering, if I could pair it up with the those P series Nvidia Mining Graphics card for a very cheap build. Does this config have any IGPU that will allow me to use those discrete GPUs? Does using IGPU as display adapter + Graphics card without display output creates any display lag? CPU Z shows that it has an P35/31/33 graphics. If I am not able to use the IGPU, can I use any other discrete model GPU with the mining cards (NOT SLI)
  2. Dev Dichromate

    Chinese hack mining GPU and turn it into gaming GPU!

    Thanks man. So it also proves that using igpu to communicate with the graphics card doesn't reduce any/much performance
  3. Dev Dichromate

    Chinese hack mining GPU and turn it into gaming GPU!

    There is no malware risk in the drivers. Modification of the driver takes just editing few lines in the a file. Its so easy that you can do it yourself. Go to Github and search for P106 Nvidia, there is a detailed instruction on how to do it. However its not much reliable for a budget build as they use Pci gen 1.0 instead of the 3.0 which Gtx 1060 uses.
  4. Well I have a spare MSI Boston G31/33 motherboard, its an LGA 775 socket board with a 3.2GHz dual core processor. Yesterday I thought of bottlenecking it with a GTX 1050ti but the system doesn't boot up with the card in the PCI slot even after giving it adequate power supply My board uses a legacy BIOS What should be the reasons that my system isn't booting up with the GPU and should I 1. Update the bios or 2. Change legacy bios to UEFI ( not sure whether this mobo will support UEFI or not) Its an Compaq/HP system MS-7525 Ver 1.0 is the serial no.