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  1. So long story short, my MSI GT80 Titan SLI laptop's power port died (more on this in a minute). I took it to a local shop to be repaired a month ago and just got it back today. The power port seems to be working, but both of my video cards are buggered. Even after repeated attempts at reinstalling the drivers, the latest ones and old ones, both kick a code 43. Disabling and reenabling them allows just one of them to work, but as soon as the other one is enabled the screen goes blank and the computer dies. Is this software or hardware related (I'm presuming hardware related)? Also, the original power port itself appears to have been designed to fail. The pins inside the power port were sheared off cleanly along a what appears to be a grooved line. I've reported this to the FTC, but I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this? Update: it was the nvlink that wasn't seated correctly.
  2. Should be, but I don't know if the power architecture is going to support one, let alone two.That's why I was hoping Linus and crew could check it out.
  3. Does anyone know, or can Linus and crew test to see if one can install the 1080 mxm into the MSI GT80 titan?
  4. Well I was hoping for more technical arguments here. I don't want to spend $1000 on an MXM card just for it not to work.
  5. So I've looked at formfactor for the MSI GT80 Titan SLI motherboard and the GT83VR and they are exactly the same except for some power distribution management chips. Both the 980m and 1080 mxm chips are MXM 3.0b. So I was wondering if I could upgrade my laptop to the 1080 mxm despite what MSI is saying to push their trade in program?