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  1. So are all the specs the same for PS5 and PS5 all digital edition just one doesn't have the disc drive? Thanks for your help.
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/SSK-Aluminum-Enclosure-External-Based/dp/B07MKCG5ZG/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2GSNZ66TUBS6S&dchild=1&keywords=m.2%2Bssd%2Benclosure&qid=1597163122&sprefix=m%2Bssd%2Benclosure%2Caps%2C173&sr=8-1&th=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-WDS240G2G0B-Internal-Green/dp/B078WYS5K6/ref=sr_1_2?crid=22JSPPLT9J7PH&dchild=1&keywords=m.2%2Bssd%2B250gb&qid=1597163247&sprefix=m.2%2Bssd%2B%2Caps%2C440&sr=8-2&th=1 Thanks for your help.
  3. I'm looking for a new VPN service thought of PIA. I remember reading they got bought by another company but I didn't look into it at the time as I wasn't using them. So what do you think still a safe and trustworthy option?
  4. specs 1600 @ 3.8 Asus crosshair VI hero 16gb corsair vengence 3000mhz corsair h100i v2 1440p 75hz monitor Will it be fine or do I need a CPU upgrade? If I need a CPU upgrade is the 3600 a good choice and will it work in my current motherboard after a bios update? Thanks for your help.
  5. So I live in the UK if a use a VPN and sign up using my bank card details will that work? Thanks for your help.
  6. I keep getting a message about audio sync issues Thanks for your help.
  7. If I sign up for the Audible 30 day free trial can I listen to all the Harry Potter books in the 30 days and cancel it? Thanks for your help.
  8. so I had and encrypted veracrypt file on a usb and it got deleted by mistake. The file was about 8gb in size. Thanks for your help.
  9. So I use xmedia recode and in the audio settings under the downmix matrices option there's dolby pro logic ii. I'm converting the 5.1 track of a movie to aac stereo. Do I need it and what does it do? Thanks for your help.
  10. which audio track do I want? there's pcm 5.1 true hd 5.1 and ac3 5.1 i will be converting to aac stereo but which one should I convert? thanks for your help.
  11. So I updated my PC about a year ago everything except the graphics card which is still a GTX 970 specs Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8Ghz Asus ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO 16GB ram Thanks for your help.
  12. so i was looking to pre-order Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on PS4 but i can't find it in the store. I can find a US page but no UK one. US page https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4827-CUSA15145_00-BATTLEFORTHEGRID thanks for your help.