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    I want to upgrade my current PC to handle some light gaming. My specs (pretty old) Amd athlon 5350 cpu 4gb ram (planning to buy another 4gb) I dont know the mobo's name but it can only support pci express 16x 2.0 And the gpu I am planning to buy MSI GeForce GT730 2GB (for light gaming such as Minecraft or Overwatch) So,will my CPU bottleneck the gpu since they are both old and not very trustworthy? Thanks
  2. p123


    What Vsync means and how it affects the perfomance?
  3. p123

    OnBoard Graphics

    According to the website of the board. Onboard Graphics Yes Do I still needs a gpu?
  4. p123

    OnBoard Graphics

    Gigabyte b350 gamin 3 rev 1 Amd ryzen 3 1300X
  5. According to a video I have watched some motherboards must have a component with includes intergrated graphics(APU OR Graphics card)to display them on the monitor.Does this mean that motherboards must have a component which includes graphics to display on the monitor?
  6. Do you have any idea whats the difference between the gigabyte rx 560 REV 1 and REV 2?
  7. Can you recommend me any descent Red PC Cases at around 50$? Just red with no extra crazy modding capabilities? MID Tower. Thanks
  8. So,according to the official AMD website,ryzen 5 1600X can support System Memory Specification 2667MHz System Memory Type DDR4 But my motherboards's can support DDR4 MEMORY 1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 2667(OC)/ 2933(OC)/ 3200(OC)+ Mhz Does this mean both CPU and Motherboard can support the maximum 2400Mhz and with overclocking 2667Mhz RAM frequency? If I bought for example 3000Mhz RAM they must be downgraded to 2667Mhz?
  9. p123

    Previous HDD's OS

    So, currently on my old system, there is a HDD which contains all the files and the OS,and I am planning on getting a new PC.My question is, if I still use the same HDD and get a new SSD would I need to reinstall the OS on the new PC?And if so can I instead of having the OS on the slow HDD can I transfer the OS to the new SSD? Thanks!
  10. p123

    Fan beaders

    I have got confused about what fan headers are.For example a mobo which has 3 fan headers can only have 3 fans in the whole pc,1 for the cpu and the other two for an entire pc?
  11. So,I am planning to do some good overclocking on my cpu and its igpu and also the ram.I have seen some reviews saying b450 are not good at overclocking and other say they cant even overclock. Can i overclock my ryzen 2200g and corsair vengeance 8gb on the msi mortar Titanium b450?
  12. SO,can these parts make up to a good pc which will run at least 1080p 60fps high settings?Kingston A400 120GB ssd for the osMSI B450M Mortar TitaniumCorsair CX Series CX550Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4-3000MHz Arctic Freezer 33 PlusAerocool CylonAMD Ryzen 3 2200G BoxMSI Armor RX 570 8GBBudget around 600$
  13. Could you recommend me any good am4 socket white motherboards at around 80€ or so?
  14. Well,it basically wont work at all or wont function at its full capacity The difference of x370 and x470 is that x470 motherboards can support 2nd generation without a bios update and they are more futureproof for upgrading in the future.X370 can support 2nd generation only after a bios update
  15. p123

    Pc components for my build

    I have none for now,I forgot to type that this is a plan for a near future build