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  1. i bought the Gta 5 key from cdkeys.com and activated it from social club(off course i cant activate it on steam) after activating i download the whole game in a week and after playing a day other day when i woke up and turned on my pc something happened to windows and it started repairing after that i came to see all my software was deleted like i reset the windows and thats what happened to my game(1 image) Windows deleted .exe and dll files.....i run the gta 5 setup tool from social club and that gave me .exe files now its like that(2 image) then i open gta 5 i thought it will just start the game or repair the missing files but it started downloading the whole game Then i realize dll files are missing,i download them all from a link given in youtube video and then its like that(3 image) but yet its dwnloading the whole 79 Gb game Even i have 79Gb files of game..... i cant download the whole game again cuz downloading cost me equal to the money in which i bought the game.....Please if anything i can do thanks in advance
  2. I never heard mts...And always seen on the internet 667 or 1333 or 1600Mhz......And in task manager it shows me 1333Mhz
  3. Ok i will buy a 4Gb ram but will it work together with other 2*2Gb??
  4. Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.20GHz 3.19GHz Motherboard model DQ57TM(LGA1156) I mean MHz
  5. I have four slots for ram on my motherboardSlot#1.2Gb 1333MHzSlot#2.2Gb 1333MHzSlot#3.EmptySlot#4. EmptyQuestion#1.A week ago i bought Gtx1050 ti So now i am gonna upgrade my ram to 8GB.....Should i bought 2 2gb of rams or just buy a one 4Gb of ram so Later i can add more ram into my last slot???.Question#2.And what about the Speed of ram??....my motherboard can handle only 1333 and 1600Mhz So should i bought ram of 1600Mhz or 1333....i know my other rams are of 1333Mhz and motherboard will make the 1600Mhz to 1333MHz (like i studied from internet) but i think i should buy 1600Mhz because i am going to play many of latest games So i will buy a 4Gb or 2*2Gb 1600 Mhz ram and later i will sell my old 1333Mhz rams and buy 1600Mhz then it will be all same
  6. LOL it's not just happening on my Pc....It's all happening on my mobile laptop and on everything with what my wifi is connected
  7. Ok i will try that....Of course I will because it's useless plugging in
  8. LOL I have Intel processor
  9. I can open just Facebook whatsapp Instagram YouTube.....Many of other web sites I can't even I can't use yahoo....I can use Google but I can't use Google mail(Gmail) and even can't open this website
  10. I am thinking why they also banned me from other websites.... ATM I am not using my wifi because I can't open this website from my wifi But I am not banned just from tom's hardware.... I am Banned from many other sites
  11. He typed F**k you Ya till 5 june
  12. Ya they mentioned they banned because of being abusive
  13. My idiot friend Abused to a person in private
  14. My computer stay tuned on 15 to 20 hours a day....Nothing never happened to it