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  1. Well this shit happens in my country,any company does not operate officially here and the sellers will say they are paying customs and duty and also shipping and importing charges and they will sell it 100usd expensive like gtx 1660 super is 300 usd here and people are also selling used rx 580 for 220 usd,wish this shit didn't happen in my country gaming would be much easy and affordable.
  2. cheapest i can get right now are gtx 1080 330 usd,rtx 2060 360 usd,vega 56 240 usd all prices are used and maybe when rtx 3000 comes decreses like 50 usd.
  3. well for 100 usd more and 10 percent boost,hmm.
  4. yeah but its xfx blower reference design but a frien of mine has same gpu and he had tweaked it and gets better performance then rtx 2060 while maintaining less temperature then 80 degrees check his video on youtube:
  5. what about vega 56 its cheapest and when overclocked and undervolt beomes better then gtx 1080.
  6. so i was thinking which gpu can handle 1080p triple screen gaming the maximum i can buy is rtx 2060,vega 56 or gtx 1080 can these gpu handle triple screen how much fps i will loose on which settings I can play I know a 21:9 monitor will be best because no bezel and cables but they are expensive(250+ usd) and hard to find in my country and i also already have 1x1080p monitor 23 inch and can get other 2 for as cheap as 70-80 usd.Is it really worth gaming on triple screen.
  7. Thanks i will go for it if i use headphones maybe i can bear sound I already have been with my r9 270x but its like fine wine.
  8. Can it stay under 85 degree after overclock ing and undervolting and 750 watt psu enough.I am gonna upgrade from r9 270x in my pc which goes to 85 degrees and very loud.
  9. So i saw a local deal for vega 56 240 usd quite rare in my country its condition is new with box and everything should i go for it because I have seen people flashing bios and over clocking and undervolting it and it gets better than 1080 ,so gpu prices in my country are very high the used gtx1070 costs 270 usd and new gtx 1660 super 320 usd and new rtx 2060 500 usd.I am very limited on my budget i can get either gtx 1070 or vega 56.
  10. Yes limited to Rx 580 and gtx 1070 and gtx 1650 super currently gtx 1660 super and ti are expensive.
  11. Currently in my country 3300x is not available i am limited to 3600 ,2600,i5 9400f,i5 10400 and i do not play competitive games ,mostly story and other types and
  12. I have 2 options go cheap on processor or gpu i am limited on budget if i go for ryzen 2600 i can buy gtx 1070 or if i go for 3600 i can buy rx 580 8gb ,which should i go for,i will be gaming only.
  13. I was just considering it too,if i go with ryzen 5 2600 and i5 9400f i will pair it with rx 580 and if i7 4770 then rx 5600xt or 1660 ti,i am thinking of i5 9400f over ryzen 5 2600, because I will be gaming only and it performs better.