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  1. erikeriok1

    Pc won't boot

    I changed my memory clock in ryzen master too hugh then after it didn't work u cleared the cmos and tried to ti get my normal settings in bios but nothing worked so I changed to default setting after clearing CMOS but now the PC starts all the fans are spinning except for the CPU and i can't even reach bios
  2. erikeriok1

    Suggestions for air cooling 3600

    downdraft and i LOVE the way wraith prism looks andi have 2x8gb trident z rgb with the nzxt h500 and i shop in the eu/sweden and my budget really has no limits depending on how much i love the cooler ( but 70-90 dollars max if you wnat a set budget)
  3. erikeriok1

    Suggestions for air cooling 3600

    the 3600 comes with the stealth cooler
  4. erikeriok1

    Suggestions for air cooling 3600

    I really like how the wraith prism cooler looks with the subtle rgb and not a big hunk of metal so if anyone knows a cooler similair to it would be great
  5. erikeriok1

    What type of m.2 ssd is this?

    I have an m.2 ssd from a predator g3 and wondering what type of m.2 it is in case i can use it in different motherboards. rbu-sns8152s3/256gg2 Im pretty sure it's 2280
  6. erikeriok1

    Can i update bios with wrong cpu?

    I know this but struck a sweet deal on the asus one so i just have to get someone to let me borrow their cpu
  7. I ordered my r5 3600 yesterday and im going to buy a used asus b450 prime. can i say download the latest bios on my laptop put it on an usb and put it in the motherboard with 3600 or won't it work?
  8. erikeriok1

    MSI mag27cq blackscreening on fullscreen

  9. As soon as i go fullscreen on Yt or anything else my screen goes black for a brief moment and then turns on again
  10. A new arctic freezer 33 esports edition
  11. i can get one new for the same prize as the AIO and i have the nzxt h500
  12. Do you have any suggestions because i can get a used h55 for around 50 dollars
  13. I've decided to buy the new 3700x when it comes out and do you think that the corsair h55 will be good enough for it? I want to be able to overclock it a decent bit too.
  14. the problem is that this pc is some kind of locked to 1000mhz and i cant see they"re real perfomance "2400mhz". In bios there is no settings to change the frequency.. Does anyone know a way to resolve this?
  15. As the title suggest my screen turns black and then after a brief moment turns back on with the rectangle popping up signaling Displayport which i am using. The problems started after i downloaded the new Nvidia drivers do you think that is the problem?