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  1. KyiloRen

    Audio Cutting out

    Still nothing, the audio only cuts out when Install the correct realtek drivers and only rarely when uninstall.
  2. Ah ok ok. Thank you
  3. I was wondering, lets say I do an insane gpu overclock with a power hungry card what happens when it starts to surpass the power supply limit? Pc turns off? Down clocks or simply crash?
  4. KyiloRen

    Audio Cutting out

    Yes it does o_O
  5. KyiloRen

    Audio Cutting out

    Hey guys, I just started having this issue on my pc, anytime I open game, for example fortnite my audio keeps cutting out entirely and you hear like 2 weird speaker "pop" noise and the only way to to restore audio is to restart the entire pc. The speaks sounds so weird and distorted like they been damaged but when plugging the jack into something else like a phone or laptop it sounds good. I kinda solved the cut out issue by removing realtek drivers but the audio still sounds horrible, idk whats going on. Using on Board audio jack.
  6. KyiloRen

    What is this on my gpu.?.?

    Yes sir, thats it right there. It has its downfall but like it works so good, so cool as well, I've overclocked mine to 1420mhz and memory to 2000mhz. Performs pretty good. Its really good for gamers with low money and just trying to get there feet wet.
  7. KyiloRen

    What is this on my gpu.?.?

    It is, this one cost $99. That's one of the factors for cheaper price from sapphire themself.
  8. KyiloRen

    What is this on my gpu.?.?

    Oh shit, how do i know which way is which tho?
  9. KyiloRen

    What is this on my gpu.?.?

    Guys there are these weird moveable switches/ levers like thing on my gpu, I've never noticed them before, do anyone know what the heck they do???? Sapphire Rx 570 gddr5 4gb card Attaching images
  10. KyiloRen

    Dead motherboard?

    In the caribbean, I have a $25 discount on amazon so atm a new board would cost $80Usd in total for me.
  11. KyiloRen

    Dead motherboard?

    I have, several time.
  12. KyiloRen

    Dead motherboard?

    I think its dead because it was working fine. Usually when I turn my pc off over night and try to turn it on in the morning nothing happens, not even a slight fan movement, after a few hours it then turn itself on, pretty weird. But it haven't done that this time, its just not coming on at all, I bridge the power supply and its working perfectly. I'll still list the parts for you tho. BIOS RUNNING On latest version as well. 5.80 GPU- Rx570 Cpu- Ryzen 5 2400g Ram- DDR4 2x4 teamgroup ram Evga 450w bronze power supply
  13. Anyone know if there is anyway to revive a seemingly dead motherboard? It won't post at all. I checked all my other components and they work. The motherboard is an Asrock a320m-hdv. Motherboards are so expensive in my country I really can't afford one rn.
  14. Hey guys which should i have my cpu fan source settings on, monitor cpu temp or monitor tctrl?
  15. KyiloRen

    Really loud power supply

    Ryzen 5 2400g ddr4 8gb EVGA 450w Bronze +50 power supply Rx 570- overclocked and stock speed makes no difference is noise power supply placed at the top of the case so i guess its pulling out hot air but my cpu and gpu don't overheat.