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  1. budget gaming computer

    Oh,Okay thanks so much
  2. budget gaming computer

  3. budget gaming computer

    I did not get the card yet, finger cross
  4. budget gaming computer

    Hey guys I am trying to build a budget gaming computer around 200 dollars, here is my plan the tower is about 135 and the gpu is 65.How do you guys think about that? Also the GPU have some problem " boots into desktop fine, stable i have gamed on it, but for some reason I have had to manually set the fan speed both fans work, but they were not engaging unless I specified in msi afterburner and set the profile could be software issue? Occassionally would crash in game probably due to thermal throttling. " I am think if the fan did not work I will just zip tie a 90mm fan on it whats are you guys thought? Hope you guys have a good day
  5. Thinkpad gaming experience

    what kind of pc i can build with 400$?
  6. Hey guys I current use a Thinkpad t550 as my main gaming computer with i7-5600u and HD5500, what will be the cheapest way to improve my gaming experience. my budget is around 400$
  7. get my second DSLR

    Hey I current have a D810 and few lens(1.2/50 2.8/85 4/24-120 5.6/150-600), . I am think about get a second camera for the long distance lens, what camera do you guys suggest?I also want sell my 5.6/150-600 and get a new one do you guys have any suggestion?