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  1. oh that makes it a lot easier, thank you yea, while at work I was thinking to just take multimeter and see if there are pairs, and if those cut off if the jack is pulled, so I guess I'll just do that then The plan is solid though, right? I can just solder the jack to the scala rider and use it as a connector/adapter?
  2. Hi, I have a bit of a project where I want to replace the speakers of an older model scala rider g9 So I thought while I'm at it I might as well do it the way I want it to be, so that I can actually remove the speakers and also using it with a headset for example, if I'm not on bike, but a car. So I salvaged an audio jack from a really old laptop (hope it still works, but why wouldn't it unless the connections broke for some reason). Looking at pinouts online I saw mostly 5 pins, but I have a 7 pin , the mic jack was seperate so I don't think that's it. Also I only have 4 pins to work with on the scala rider itself, so my question is, how do I solder this on?
  3. Thank you for the reply, yes thought as much, probably gonna get a yeeco dc-dc step down converter and a different jumper with 19v output. the converter I have my eyes on is also infinitely variable, so might come in hady, if the speaker breaks at some point and the new one has different voltage
  4. I'm thinking of getting a Picowe car jumper (since it has an actually usable flashlight on it, and is also usable as a powerbank) and wanted to use it to charge my BT Speaker (this is the back plate) As you can see it needs 15v dc, the powerbrick it came supplied with says it outputs 1.6A, and the picowe has 2 '12-16v' dc outputs (whatever 12-16v means). Gonna guess I can't just connect the dc output with the speaker via normal cable, so I've been thinking of splicing a 15v regulator inbetween, but I'd need at least 17v for that. Are there any options for me, or should I just look for another car jumper with an already built in stable 15v output and good flashlight? Also yes, I know you can charge the speaker per usb and a normal powerbank, but sadly the speaker isn't charging off the usb if its in use at the same time