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  1. New Monitor? 24" 144hz

    Opinions about the AOC G2590PX maybe?
  2. New Monitor? 24" 144hz

    well, 24 inch it is then! A few guys recommendated me the Samsung C24FG70/73 Curved Monitor. But I have zero experience with Curved Displays, actually never took a look into a curved display ever.. So I don't know if it's big change if I use one curved and one flat monitor?
  3. New Monitor? 24" 144hz

    Hey Guys, i´m currently playing with the idea of finally getting a 144hz Monitor.. I don't know that much about monitors so I´m asking you guys if you can give me some recommendations for a new one. My Budget is at 300€ and the Monitor should obviously have 144hz. I haven't quite decided yet if it should be a 24" oder 27" monitor. I´m currently on two 24" displays, one a very old Samsung and my main monitor a AOC G2460V. It would be awesome if some of you can give me some tips and advice on this one! Cheers
  4. Hey Guys, i´m currently writing a paper on the topic Videostreaming and Video-on-Demand. For further examples later I wanted to take YouTube and Netflix as examples. But before I get to those examples I have write the basics about Videostreaming, which technologies are out there and how do they work. My professor gave me some tags I should look into like MPEG-4 and RTSP. After that I can get into the Video-on-Demand topic with YouTube and Netflix. So my question now is, what else I can look into for technologies, even though I know a bit about Networks and PCs I don't know that much about the in-depths considering Videostreaming. I´m totally new to this, but interested! Furthermore I need some kind of information how the VoD works considering YouTube and Netflix - the technology behind practically. It would be awesome if some guys of you can give me some tips what I should look up/look into to get the right informations. Eitherway thank you in advance for all answers! Greetings, Chris