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  1. I have a CoolerMaster PSU which is about 7 years old. All i know is its a CoolerMaster Non Modular PSU
  2. Hello, So I have come into some extra money over xmas and I am wanting to upgrade my graphics card. At the moment I have a 1050ti paired with a Ryzen 5 2600. My PSU is 550W. I have a budget of £300 (sorry don't know what that is in $). So if i needed a new PSU that would be need to be included in the budget. All i will be doing is playing FFXIV @ 1080p, which my current card does brilliantly, but i want to venture into Total War: Warhammer 2. I also would like to be future proofed. Don't really play AAA titles, i get round to them a few years after they came out. Any suggestions?
  3. I don't know really.. I am only just really getting in hardware, so I am just learning what to expect and stuff. I am upgrading my CPU soon. Going from Intel to Ryzen
  4. Hey, I know this is on 1080p High, because my computer would not even get close to running on extreme... can anyone reassure me that this is a good score for my hardware, as I am super paranoid that something is not quite right. Edit:- This is what i got on Extreme - Dismal effort!
  5. I did it... and everything works FINE!!!! Love my new case and my new GPU... Not bad for a noob Thanks to everyone for all your advice
  6. I have been hearing all about static shock all day... so scared of it!
  7. I won't drop it don't worry
  8. Hey all, Been watching Linus for ages now, so thought I would come onto the forums to ask for any tips. I am a total software guy, not a hardware guy, so I have been putting off updating my rig for a while, but today I have taken the plunge. I have just brought a 1050ti and a new case, and tomorrow I am going to swap from my old case and into the new one. Being that this is my first major build job, just wondering if anyone has any decent tips or guides on how to do this easily and safely without blowing up my MoBo or my new graphics card.