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    Intel i5 4670K 4.4GHZ
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 1600Mhz CL8
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    EVGA ACX 2.0 Superclocked+ GTX 980 TI 6GB 1446Mhz OC +35mV
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    Corsair AX 760 with Cable Mods Custom Cables
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    Full Custom PETG loop with HardwLabs Black Ice Rads 1x280mm 1x360mm, EKWB CPU Acetal Nickel GPU Block,
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    Coolermaster Quickfire TK Cherry MX Blue
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    Logitech G502
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    Logitech G430
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  1. Aye! will definitely post my results as soon as i've done it, be good to put something out there about this too
  2. Definitely, also letting the water temp equalize and such so the readings will be showing the absolute max temp my components are pumping out
  3. Will do this tonight haha should be fun!
  4. That makes a lot of sense thanks! that's probably why I haven't been able to find any sort of consistent answer
  5. Hey guys just a quick question, What's the idea pump RPM speed I should run my D5 at? I've temp tested at different speeds between 2300RPM which I currently have it and and 3300RPM and only see up to a maximum of 3c difference before taking margin for error into account, so what do you guys run your D5 at? Cheers edit: custom loop
  6. I did see this but the pump and res combo I have is different to the one they used and they don't sell that specific bracket anymore
  7. I have this but hate the look of it atm, want to mount the res to my front rad but I have a 280mm,kinda like have it suspended on it
  8. In desperate need of a 140mm version of this guys I can't find one anywhere even ones from other manufacturers aren't for this style please halp This is my res and pump combo https://shop.ekwb.com/ek-xres-140-revo-d5-pwm-incl-pump https://shop.ekwb.com/ek-uni-pump-bracket-120mm-fan
  9. Looks good to me, one thing I would say is personally I think 16gb of ram is justifiable right now as I keep seeing a lot of my games sucking a tonne of ram up so if you want to save yourself the hassle down the line and if your budget can allow it it's definitely worth it!
  10. If the CAS latency timings are different on your new sticks from your old your gonna have a bad time, sometimes works sometimes doesn't, I had the same nightmare with my ram recently, buying ram at different times always has the possibility to create a headache and even more so if your CAS timings are different, you can manually set them in bios but I still didn't have any luck doing that!
  11. Yeah they're awesome man! I got mine off Amazon UK Noctua are a fulfilled seller on their just type in the part code NA-SAVP1 they're like £5.49 for a pack of 16
  12. Truly RIP loved him in so many films what the hell is happening this year!
  13. Just got these in the post, gonna be putting them on my LTT Edition Noctuas for my up coming white/black hard line water cooled build! Not seen many posts about these or videos anywhere so I thought I'd share! Sorry for trash pictures my phone needs binning