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  1. NaniTheF*ck

    Which psu is better?

    So I have a choice between 2 psu's, the Corsair vs 450 and Evga BT 450w. Which of these is the better one?
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask a some questions about the MSI MS-7707 motherboard. Where can I find a support list for this mobo? Does this mobo support 2nd gen xeons? I'm not really finding any information about this motherboard. Any help would be very helpful.
  3. NaniTheF*ck

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Hi. I want to know if the asus p6t se supports six core xeons, more specifically the w3670.
  4. Hi. I'm planing on building a budget 6-core pc on the 1366 socket and would like to ask if the Asus p6t se support xeon w3670 or other xeon 6-core cpu. I searched online but for some people works for others doesn't.
  5. Hi everyone so i'm building a budget build and i'm stuck between 2 cpus. Ot's either an i5 4590 or Xeon x5660. The i5 has a higher clock, but xeon more cores and threads and it's unlocked. I would not only game but do things like 3d rendering and video editing. So which should i choose?