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  1. hi

    hi im bored didnt sleep for a day need food but too lazy to go get it
  2. Deal with loss of a loved one.

    alcohol will lead into more problems
  3. Pubg vs fortnite

    true except that both games are good i think fortnite copied a little bit tbh
  4. Pubg vs fortnite

    But the graphics the sound the building and there is no cars (but the shopping cart might be copying pubg in another way i dont know) in fortnite and theres no pan because pubg copyrighted it and called it " the imaginative treatment of a frying pan as a melee weapon is made even more remarkable by its further treatment as armor against shots to the butt of a character " while suing netease and pubg isnt the first if the guy who made minecraft hunger game mod sued pubg he would have stream rolled pubg
  5. Pubg vs fortnite

    So pubg sued fortnite for "copying pubg" If the law suit was in america pubg would have lost 100% but the problem is that it is in korea and bluehole studio (the guys who made pubg) are korean so there is a strong chance that pubg will win what do you think?
  6. Deleting recovery drive from hdd

    i right click the partition i want to delete but it just shows help but i just did the same thing to another external drive and it let me delete it
  7. Deleting recovery drive from hdd

    how? disk management just shows me my drives i cant do anything
  8. Deleting recovery drive from hdd

    i already have windows i will use the hdd as an external drive
  9. Deleting recovery drive from hdd

    Got a HDD from an old laptop i plugged it in 2 drives came up windows and recovery i formatted windows but the recovery drive is still there how do i remove it? Thanks in advance!
  10. Help me i dont know what to do here!

    If you installed it properly it's VERY rare that it will leak. If it leaked Cooler master will replace your whole build.
  11. PC Getting cooler after removing side panel?

    i have 2 intake fans and an i3
  12. Laptop for Father

    So i was going to buy my father a laptop but i got stuck. so many brands so many prices but I'm looking at hp right now there good for work (And my dad needs the laptop for work) and there not that heavy i want to spend from 550 to 750$ he mainly uses it for chrome excel etc any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. PC Getting cooler after removing side panel?

    Dust isnt a problem because i clean my pc every month and can i just keep it open while im gaming? When im idle my cpu is 50 c and in load 65 gpu 47 idle and 70 load
  14. PC Getting cooler after removing side panel?

  15. So some people said that removing the side panel from the computer case will give me cooler temps is it true? Thanks in advance!