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  1. (Sorry this is going to be a long post) Okay every computer I have ever owned except my 386 has been water cooled, I even made my own block once. I am building my magnum opus and pulling out all the stops. I currently have a Thermaltake The Tower 900 X299, dual loops with dual D5 (not PWM using setting 3) pumps 270 tube reservoirs and dual 140x4 radiators. I am building a new Ryzen 9 3960X system with Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme, 64Gb of Corsair 3600 Vengeance Pro, 4x500Gb Aorus NVMe Gen 4 SSD (in raid 0 on the included AIC card) and RTX 2080ti with Corsair WB. Seeing I openly admit I can’t run hard line to save my life I want to have as few tubes in view as possible. (Looking at the front of the case) (Option1) Left Side R (let’s call is LSR and RSR for right side) LSR to RSR RSR to Pump 1 Pump 1 to CPU CPU to GPU GPU to LSR Only two tubes will enter the viewing area and my pumps are mounted in the back (Option2) Keep Existing configuration LSR to Pump 1 Pump 1 to CPU CPU to LSR RSR to Pump 2 Pump 2 to GPU GPU to RSR Four tubes enter the view area (Option3) RSR to Pump 2 Pump 2 to CPU CPU to LSR LSR to Pump 1 Pump 1 to GPU GPU to RSR Again, four tubes enter the viewing area, but I have dual pumps and extra Radiator capacity in the loop. Option one is the cleanest, option two is the easiest one. And option 3 raises my heat exchange capacity yes, I know a 140x4 should handed the whole thing and I am way over kill, I already have the radiators and the fans. Bonus question It is easier to sell a complete system then to sell parts I could sell the whole thing as it and start over in a Corsair 1000d case the only upside of this option would be I could build my new plex into the same box, and I could get RGB PWM pumps this time around.
  2. Okay my current "main" computer is a X299 Asus ROG VI Extreme with Ek mono Block with a I9-9900X CPU@ 4.3Ghz, Asus Hyper M.2 X16V2 with four Intel 512G Intel 7600P in raid 0 Evga 1080ti HC SC. 32Gb of DDR4 3200. I do mostly production work, Renders for designs in Blender and Fusion 360, but I do play games no AAA titles just World of WarShips, Wolsen, pagan, D3, and War for the overworld. Last week two of my 7600s died Intel is sending me replacements but I don't like mixing old and new so I was going to order two more 7600 before I rebuild my array. I starting looking around and thinking (scary thought I know) Maybe I should go ahead and switch to hard line, but if I am going to do that I should upgrade to the RTX 2080ti. should I really drop 2400 into this system when TR3 is just around the corner? To make a long story short if you had 3k burning a whole in your pocket which option would you pick 1. Sell it all on ebay Get Thread Ripper 3 with the 2080ti 32gb and a new NVME raid card 2. Keep it update the video card rebuild the raid array, put in the hardline and stop wasting time. Fix my ugly wiring :) 3. Just go 3950 and NVME Gen 4
  3. PCIe x8 is enough for a video card pcie x4 is not you could put a single card in the blue slot if it will fit in the case. The black slot is physically a PCIE x16 but it is only wired for pcie X4 so you could not add a second card or use the black slot for your main video card Hope that makes it as clear as Mud.
  4. The Blue one is wired X16 the black is only X4 if you have the power you could do it but do you have the room as I recall those have a front drive cage
  5. Second question I have the MSI M7 ACK X299 Mb My buddy is making me a sweet deal 800 bucks for his 7900x and his Asus X299 Strix MB or 1.1k if I want his 64Gb of DDR4 3000 I am considering it but not sure which is the best board. The Only feature the Strix has my Ack doesn't have is a ARGB which does appeal to me a little bit
  6. Tell me about it even finding the 9900X for sale is like pulling teeth, it gives me pause maybe they are rare because there is an issue with them.
  7. I fully understand graphics don't need 16X which is why my first option was to put the aero in PCiE 1 I was hoping to get input from people with similar setups, two extra cores might also help on my work
  8. Take note I said X not K not sure why Intel made a 9900K and a 9900X but I digress.I have a 7820X De-Lid and LM on an MSI M7 ACK board I have a full water block and the CPU is good and stable at 4.6Ghz with temps on my water loop I am happy with. I don’t need more speed I do need more lanes.I have an MSI Aero Xpander x4 I have been dying to try but fully loaded it wants 16 PCIe.I have a few options Keep my gear put the Aero in the X16 and my 1080TI in PCEe 8x I might lose a few points Drop a 7900x into my Motherboard and I can go full 16x16 I have a buddy with a DE-lidded and LMed 7900 I can pick up for 800 and a 6-pack.(the 7900x comes with a Strix E so I could sell it with my 7820X) Purchase a 9900X just a tad faster just a tad more L3 newer and a tad more stock and Tb speed but about 18% more power draw, but brand new it’s the same price as the 7900x (no delid and no LM, but soldered if my research is correct so I might not need it. But reviews on the 9900X are Few and far between and they are hard to find for sale. I do large Video trans-coding and video editing maybe 40% games
  9. True AIO are sealed and most never need any maintenance but they also don't last as long and are not a robust I would use something like EKWB EK Fluid Gaming A240 before I would use a AIO in any of my systems with that one you can do maintenance and add on as you grow
  10. I should have said in my OP I love toys the way I do my budget is I can spend any amount for a toy as long as it doesn't come out of my budget, part of the reason for this thread is the thrill that comes from taking a box of assorted parts, putting them together and making them work then seeing how far I can take it, my 5960x has hit 4.8 on water and was stable but I didn't like the temp creeping up to 64 so I dialed it back a bit, I got the 4790k for my big transcoding project because in the long run it was cheaper to buy a frame by frame Telecine machine and the computer then to pay a service to transcode all the home movies I convert to digital for my family, then I sold the telecine and got into 3d printing, right now I search craigslist for broken 3d printers I fix them get them working and use the profits to get my bigger 3d printers... I admit I have a problem I got the Dual 4k because my budget had 3800 set aside for new wood floors I saved 900 by tearing out the old flooring my self, so bingo dual 4K's I think I just want a new toy but I am on the fence about it... it was so much eaiser when my wife was alive I would ask she would ask why? and some how in the week of back and fourth I would end up getting half of what I wanted and she would get a new laptop (Still trying to figure out if I won) Oh well Guess I'll keep big red
  11. I disagree, X99 and support quad channel memory and more cores which most rendering software can use the I9 support quad none of the I7 do? I had a 4790k and dual 780's when I started my big transcode/render project it was okay but some transcodes were taking me 1/2 a day or more, I switched to my 5960X and even at stock clocks it was a huge difference in time I figured the four year project I shaved 60 or more days off with the 5960x and once I over clocked it was stomping a mud hole in the 4790k
  12. First off I am not saying to do this, but if you "Google" there are tools to find the license key but if all you have is an OEM chances are it will not reinstall on a non matching board while some recovery disks have a full OS with a OEM front end there are others that basiclly put an Image of the system disk on the recovery and call it good. If you could provide some details as make model and version I could see what I can find for you.
  13. Is your CPU thermal Throtteling ? I would never try to push higher till I could get the Temp down, with a delid you should be in the high 60's low 70's not where you are.. maybe that cooler just can't do it ? that plus the fact that Newegg has a warning about mounting that cooler on the sale page leads me to think it might not be set on your CPu correctly which would explain the temp. on a side note for a few bucks more you could have gotten a AIO that would have better cooling IMHO
  14. One Last question I know in terms of raw horsepower my current system is a Lamborghini and the system Spec’d below is more like a 77 Trans-Am Do you think in normal day to day gaming and web surfing I would noticed the difference, I no longer do big render projects or transcode movies, I am ether playing D3, WOW or WO Warships with a Netflix movie or you tube on the other screen. (My computer does not get out of second gear) Current System 5960X running at 4.6 GHz 32G ddr4 2133 Boot 970 Pro Data 960Evo Gtx 1080ti Water-cooled (Runs under 40C even in benchmarks) Dual 4k Screens Proposed new computer De-Lidded/Liquid Metal I7-8700k shooting for a stable 4.7+ WD Black 256Gb NVMe SSD in raid 0 (I have nightly backups both on and offline I can go from dead hard drive to up and working in under two hours, I know because a friend bet me I couldn’t and lost) 16 GB of DDR4 4133 GTX 1070TI EVGA EKWB A240 with extra 240 Dual 1920x1080 monitors I have dual 4K now and to be honest enough of the stuff I care about doesn’t scale well so most of the time they run 1920x1080 anyways Much like owning a Lamborghini in the United States it seems silly to own something you can't get out of second gear