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  1. Not a bad idea at all, I'll check what I can get that would fit that, even go to a bigger capacity or to SSHD if that works good with Windows 10. Otherwise I'll consider changing the 4 years old notebook.
  2. Allright, thank you very much
  3. I have done some of that, I'll make sure to do the rest of it. Regarding hibernation, can't we move the file instead ? If not, I'll disable it. Thanks
  4. Ok, I think I'll give up the idea to keep it on the SSD and simply move everything to the HDD when 1903 kicks in. The computer'll be much slower but at least it'll work properly. There are no recovery partition left, I did a clean install from a windows iso and not anything provided with the computer, wiped clean every partition. This one was on windows 8 when I bought it. Thank you very much for your time
  5. I do not know but I'd like to avoid spending money on that one if I can. Though last time I opened it up, I only saw the HDD.
  6. Hello, I have a laptop and I'm having storage capacity issues. There is a drive that is 23GB SSD and 1TB HDD. I have installed the OS (windows 10) on the SSD part and everything was going fine for a while. I tried moving as many files and programs on the HDD but the SSD ended up completely full without any further doing by myself. My problem is that windows is telling me it uses 13GB which seems a bit more than it used to be. Same goes with temporary files that are now around 2GB, 1.2 of them completely unaccessible. I also have the hibernate file that is taking up quite some space, I'd like to move that to another drive, is that even possible ? All the "my documents, my pictures" etc. files have been moved away. Do you have any tip to help me reduce the size windows is taking or to move some of its files to the HDD ? As well, is there a way to tell the OS not to write anything unecessary to that drive ? Thank you very much for your help.
  7. I did not expect to have an answer from THE Anthony! I have a very small experience of Linux (school only) so I'll start with Pop or Solus and if at some point I feel like going further I'll give Manjaro a try. As for shared files, I need to reformat the whole system so I'll make a partition to give linux a chance with the ext4 (linux exclusive) format a go (especially if it's more stable and/or more reliable). Once again, thank you very much for both your answer and the video, Linus Tech Tips is a channel I can binge watch and to which I always come back for useful information, keep up the good work, I hope to see you a lot more on screen Cheers from France !
  8. I'm about to go try to go to linux gaming, but I have absolutely no insight into this... Can someone who has already made the step, what distro I should go into knowing it would mostly be for steam games (Project cars 2 VR, Warframe, Dark souls series... ) and discord. Also another question: For a game I wish to run on both linux and windows, can they share files or do I need separate files for linux and windows ? or is it more of a 3rd option with most of the files common and some specific ? Config: i7 4790K Strix GTX 1070 M.2 main drive
  9. Do you mean that both account should have the same name ? This was much simpler before, I don't understand how this got so complicated
  10. Hi, I've been trying to set up a "home network", like the Homegroup there used to be and share files from 2 computers over my home network. Following several tutorials and videos on internet, I can see both computers on the Network (through file explorer) but as soon as I try to go on one it tells me it cannot access it. It gives me the following message (sorry, I translate from my native language) : Do you have any lead to where I should start looking to get rid of the issue ? Thank you very much. Config : Laptop on wifi Desktop on cable Both connected to home router (Box)
  11. Same answer different words (I have a 4790K): - Get a good cooler - Get your chip and cooler base very clean so you have a good thermal transfer - Get proper thermal paste (Thermal grizzly, Arctic silver 5, NT HT1...) - If temperatures does not drop, try to put in a base voltage turning automatic mode off. I have an AIO (Nepton 240M) and temps rarely go over 75°C (though I do not recommend the AIO as a long term solution). Have fun.
  12. PEagle

    Gaming session ?

    Thank you, do you know where I could find some kind of a tutorial to make the best out of it ?
  13. PEagle

    Gaming session ?

    Hi, I have a lot of softwares that launch on startup and that can be useful to me but that eat a bit of ressources in the background. So everytime I want to game, I close them and restart them afterwards. Do you know if it's possible to make a "gaming" session where these would not launch at start up and just alternate between the two sessions ? Thanks.
  14. if you ever need other info for the motherboard, I found it here : https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/X99A-GODLIKE-GAMING-CARBON#down-manual page 1-17 on the american version of the manual.
  15. if it is a x99A godlike carbon it presents that way in the manual: 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 and says : 1 and 5, then 3 then 7 then 2 and 6 then 4 and 8. So I would try 1 (as I understood it works) and 3. Worst that can happen is your mobo telling you RAM is not properly installed.