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  1. I'm really short on cash and when I got offered these I thought it might have been good for me to make a little money... you know...

    I don't want to a used one from somebody and I can't afford the cheapest ones they have in the stores.... so I thought it would be a good alternative and that's why I asked you people about it. The Dual Core 2 or the i3...

    They offer a 90 day warranty with them...for $150 I thought this might be something to do for now ..as a stepping stone.. Until i can afford to up grade..

    I find it pretty difficult to to sell stuff on my Galaxy phone...

      pain in the ass


     I don't know??!


  2. I'm on a fixed income and I need to buy a cheap laptop so I can go online when I want to.. Comcast offers a few different refurbished units for 149.99 with Windows 10 operating system... that is if you qualify you have to do your disabled or low-income.. My question is this.. they offer a14 inch Dual Core 2 laptop , or they offer a 12 inch laptop with a dual core i3 in it.. Both are with a 160 GB Hard Drive and the Memory- Ram is 4GB.. I don't know which one to get. I don't know what brand its going to be ,but these are the specifications. All I'm going to use this for is occasionally going online to sell stuff on auction sites... Please help me decide which one to get... Thank you in advance.. Glenn Carpentieri