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  1. Windows 10 performance monitor says my cpu, gpu, etc is poor. I have an 8700k and gtx 1080ti. whats going on?
  2. pretty sure its the RAM again. One will boot from all slots the other wont. However the last RAM died in the same slot (B2) so I am leaving the working dimm in that slot to see if it dies
  3. I have it at 1.38 it was 1.35. It didnt work. Will try 1.40 Have updated bios to latest version
  4. Thats what is confusing me. My cpu idles at 26c (its dellided). I was going to overclock but am a bit worried now. I wonder if a Bios update may help
  5. Do you think i have screwed something during the build?
  6. Weird thing is I did a perfmon it says the 8700k is poor
  7. I built a new system last week. When I installed the RAM 2x16GB one of the dims didn't work so I RMAd them and got a replacement set. I got the new set on Monday and everything has been fine. Today however I got a memory management error and the pc wouldn't boot. I was getting q code 55 and cc so I removed the ram and tried each dim on their own and wasn't getting any joy from either but after a few cmos resets I got one stick to boot and have tested it and its fine and the other stick will not on its own. It appears that any dim in slot 4 is being damaged some how. Does this sound like a board problem and should I try to RMA it or should I just put up with it, after all I wont ever use 32GB RAM so all I will really be missing is the dual channel bit? any thoughts? Thanks Specs Asus maximus x hero corsair RGB 32GB 3000MHz 1NVme, 1SSD, 1 platter fractal s36 fractal r6 gigabyte aorus extreme 1080Ti
  8. It says a2 and b2 i get cc error. No booting in any config with two but one will boot in any slot and one will not boot in any slot.
  9. Just built new system. Asus maximus x hero Fractal s36 Fractal r6 1m.2 1ssd 1platter 32gb corsair rgb vengence cmr32gx4m2c3000 1 dimm boots all slots (only lights in 3 and 4 dont know if thats normal) Other no boot at all lights in slots 3&4 & boot loop in slot 2 Getting either cc or 55 (generally cc) with other dimm Do i need to rma?