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  1. HeadShotz

    Bios Update - Help

    lol i dont think its broken just need the bios update ^^ and i will do it easiest way to fix it lol
  2. HeadShotz

    Bios Update - Help

    It showing me too much error codes on the MB and then it stops on a code that means "Boot to legacy OS" and I tried to plug the flash drive to the bios USB port and it should flash but it doesn't do anything (i put on the flash drive the latest bios from GIGABYTE website)
  3. HeadShotz

    Bios Update - Help

    I have time, i prefer not to rush and do something wrong but I waited 30 days for the cpu to arrive (was out of stock from the store and the importer needed to order it for me as the store said) so its kinda annoying
  4. Hey everyone, I built today my TR PC and I have some issues with the bios, I have the 2920X with the Designare EX MB and I can't get to bios A friend told me that I should try to go to a local computer store and ask them if they have first gen TR (because the MB have now the bios for the first gen and it won't recognize the CPU) and tell them if they can update the bios for me But i also can do somehow Q Flash + Bios update but it don't work for me, if there is someone that know how to do this and help me with that i will really appreciate that
  5. HeadShotz

    ROGarch (rebuild Monarch project)

    Very nice build, I also planning to watercool a 2920x but in my country this cpu have low stock so i still waiting for it to arrive and all the other components arrived and waiting only for the cpu lol
  6. I didn't plan at first to go with ryzen platform, when I bought the ram I planned to buy X299 platform and in my country, there was a big sale on X399 platform so I bought it instead So I didn't think on that kind of thing to happen at the start when I bought the ram (i knew i going to buy Intel platform) I also talked with G Skill with this situation and they told me how to get it work with the frequency I should use (3000MHZ) So I hope it will be just fine ^^
  7. I already contacted G skill and new egg about it and only new egg gave me an answer, they said it can be work (they said that I can lower the clock speed and it might work) and if I will test it and it will not work they will replace it for me with other Ram I still waiting for G skill to respond my email (they respond the first email but they asked me the exact model name of the ram) and then I hope I will know for sure before I will get the CPU.
  8. I bought this ram http://www.gskill.com/en/product/f4-3000c16q-64gtrs (got the 16GBx4 3000MHZ kit) and wanted to buy x299 platform at first but I knew the ram will work with Intel system but I decided to pick x399 platform instead (because it can work for me as well) but didn't think on the ram. I already got the ram and tomorrow I should get the MB and the cooler (Designare EX) from the mail, and the CPU about a week and a half. So do you think this ram will work with the motherboard ? in the site I can only see it can work with Intel chipsets...
  9. HeadShotz

    A CPU for 2 rigs

    Lol yeah IMO its cooler too, also i thought if I will be want to upgrade the CPU in the future i will be able to upgrade on that kind of platforms and will not be able to upgrade only the 9900k (if I will pick it up) and will need to upgrade all platform (I'm not sure about if AM4 AMD motherboards will support the new gen and will be good enough for the new CPU will come out) And to do the virtualization project will save space in my tiny room lol ^^
  10. HeadShotz

    A CPU for 2 rigs

    the problem is I don't have place to put 2 computers and I already have 1080 ti ftw 3 and a fractal design R6 so I will have to spend more money for a case and other components and the CPU I have right now is i7 4770 and I have bottleneck and I have to replace it will use it as a NAS
  11. HeadShotz

    A CPU for 2 rigs

  12. I want to build a PC that will be used in the future as 2 computers like the same as Linus did on the video " 2 Gaming Rigs, 1 Tower - Virtualized gaming Build Log" and I'm not sure if I should pick the TR 2920X or Intel i7 9800X, I'm undecided because of I'm not sure if TR will run it the same as Intel, also because I don't have any experience and never used AMD processors and I know it less cores but still, should I pick TR?
  13. HeadShotz

    Suggestions for Sleeper pc build

    Ok thanks but I think I can fit a bigger size graphics card (what I measured is the ups)