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  1. about the 10Gb ok i understand i dont need for that but i thought to use 10Gb for other things for my personal use in the future about the capacity i dont know because i dont know for how long i will need to record i mean if my dad will like this idea to record we will need storage for a few years and I will put on the Nas other than the soccer videos we will film and I prefer not to upgrade it every year or months About the PSU, its 80+ bronze and i think i have it for 5 years now (not sure exactly) its not madular or something but i think it can hold anther year - year and half and about the HBA adapter i know that i just prefer if i will need 10Gb card (for my personal use)
  2. Hey guys, my dad did come with an idea to film my little brother playing soccer every game with he's phone (He just bought the Galaxy S10) on 4K 60FPS and I will edit the videos afterwards but the problem is that I will need a place to storage all the recording (he have a game every week and the game is about 70 mins) and my PC dont have enough storage, I can add more storage but i do prefer to leave the computer as it is so I thought to use my old computer and turn it to a NAS and I will buy 2 10Gb ethernet cards (1 for each computer) and connect both the computers. My old PC specs is I7 4770 , 8GB ram (if needed i will expand to 16) , H87-HD3 MB and 750W PSU but the problem is i dont really know how much storage I need, I will use UnRAID or FreeNAS for the nas and will use all the 6 sata connectors on the motherboard. And anther question that not related to this, my dad bought Sandisk Extreme 256GB SD card for hes phone to save the recording on and this sd card should support 4K recording but it seems the phone dosent allow to save 4K 60FPS videos on this SD card if someone also know to answer if this is a problem with the phone or the sd card it will be appreciate too.
  3. I need 3 GPUs for the virtualization (1 for it to initialize the OS) and I have an old 550ti but if I will install Windows OS on another driver that will not be part of the virtualization and in the bios I will change the boot every time it will work?
  4. lol maybe I didn't explain it well ^^ I mean that when I will want to use the PC as virtualization I will boot to the drive that I will install the Unraid and when I will want to use it as a regular pc without the virtualization I will boot to another drive for now I have 2 M.2 that I'm not planning to add to the virtualization and I will buy another 2 SATA SSDs and 2 HDDs when I will do the virtualization
  5. Very soon I planning to do my virtualization project that will be for 2 gaming rigs from 1 tower, I using the 2920X with GTX 1080TI and planning to buy another RTX 2080 and doing them watercooled But my question is can I use 2 operating systems that one will be for the virtualization for 2 rigs and the other one will be for a single rig from separate drives?
  6. just ordered today most of the parts, I found the mayhems inhibitor and biocide at singularity computers website, I should mix it with distilled water (0.05% from each of them) or with which fluid is the best to mix with?
  7. Just was about to pay for the order and saw they dont ship to my country, do you know another site that sell them or something good enough, or if you know something good that used for cars and can work as well for my situation?
  8. As I know most of the people that put liquid metal don't put silicon after applying because the liquid metal need to replace every few months but if you really want to put silicon you should use silicon that can be used with high temperature (I used that kind of silicon on engein parts in my previous work and I think it will be great)
  9. when i putting stress to the cpu with aida64 extreme the cpu is about 69-76 C on stock clock speed
  10. So only corrosion inhibitor is the best solution ? I will need to use only that? And which one is the best to buy?
  11. Thanks for replying, Can i use distilled water that have 0 microsiemens (nonconductivity) the one that made for cars?
  12. So i can use the parts on this video (Have R6 Case so the radiators can work for my build) But use this monoblock https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fb-ga-x399-gaming-rgb-monoblock-nickel and the chrome tubing and fittings and adapters from alpha cool that will match the tubing?
  13. I want to use that kind of tubes https://www.alphacool.com/shop/hardtubes/messingrohre/19500/alphacool-hardtube-13/10mm-900-messing-chrome-10/30cm So as I look on this table brass can be mixed with metals that wrote up from the left to the right on the green sides so there is any radiator I can use? and I guess it can't work with that block https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-fb-ga-x399-gaming-rgb-monoblock-nickel so... I think I will do or PETG or Copper tubbing and I will paint them to silver
  14. I didn't see anything on the internet that says Chrome tubes (Chrome coat on brass tubes) cant be mixed with copper But as I know copper cant be mixed with aluminum I just wonder if I will use chrome tubes with copper radiators and nickel plated block it will work fine without mixing metals issues
  15. I using TR 2920X with H100I Platinum and the max temp i got is around 70 and i did cinebench and played some games (i have this cpu for about a week now) So it probably the thermal paste