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  1. killkamzx

    I made a itx pc for emulation and it's really slow

    well i actually solved the problem on my own lol but not before trying your guy's advice though. OK so first i did what everyone told me about the ram 3000mhz and the ssd, i used my ram from my main pc which is corsair vengeance led 16gb 3200mhz 2x8 and my ssd:1tb and put them on my new itx machine but it was still the same, it was laggy af and slow. Later that day i put the original parts to my itx pc and booted it up then for some reason i went into the nvidia control panel and remembered that my main pc and my gaming laptop all have (maximum power performance) enabled so i enabled and BOOM the pc is super fast, no more freaking lagg!!! lmao. To think i was 10 minutes away from getting another set of 16gb 3200mhz ram! Thank you guy's for your help i really appreciate it
  2. killkamzx

    I made a itx pc for emulation and it's really slow

    yeah that's what I'm thinking but i really hope it's not. hopefully getting another stick of ram will fix the issue
  3. killkamzx

    I made a itx pc for emulation and it's really slow

    ok what if a i get another 8gb ram? my ram is 2400mhz would that still not be enough?
  4. killkamzx

    I made a itx pc for emulation and it's really slow

    yes sorry I'm using a seagate hard drive from my ps4 it's 500 gigs i also had switched from another hard drive because i thought that's the reason it was running slow since it was an older hdd from my old non working windows vista laptop
  5. i wanted to make a small pc for emulation but as soon as i installed windows and got everything running the pc was incredibly slow. Anything i try to open takes like 50 seconds almost a minute lol even google chrome and file manager, also my mouse skips really bad sometimes not even moving at all My specs: GPU: GIGABYTE GTX 970 windforce case: coolermaster elite 130 ram: Corsair vengeance Lpx 8gb (1x8) cpu: AMD Ryzen 3 2200g quad core 3.5Ghz motherboard: GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WiFi ITX psu: EVGA-600W ATX 12v/EPS 12v 80 plus
  6. killkamzx

    i need help finding the cables

    any idea where i can buy these cables because thats basically all im looking for
  7. cant seem to find any cables that connect to the ones i have here i need help because im trying to install 2 hdds and have no idea where to even look for the cables to do so, i also added my power supply if it helps thanks