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  1. HallowSistar

    HELP! Monitor flickers

    My new monitor glitches out crazy! The monitors show this stretched out checker board pattern. The monitor is a Mag27c Gtx1060 6gb 16gb ram R7 1700 It starts after a few seconds of turning on the PC and never goes away. I did not have this issue with my other monitor.
  2. HallowSistar

    Samsung c24fg70 vs c24fg73

    What exactly is the difference besides the stand? Which is newer? Which is better?
  3. HallowSistar

    Monitor Overclock: How far?

    BL2420PT Default is 60hz How much do you think I can raise the refreshrate to? Can I lower the res to 1080p and get even more out of it?
  4. HallowSistar

    Which monitor should I buy?

    Thanks for the super fast reply! I do a lot of games, but I'm just not sure if the 144hz is worth it.
  5. HallowSistar

    Which monitor should I buy?

    Should I buy this, BenQ XL2411P , a 1080p 144hz TN monitor or this, BenQ BL2420PT, a 1440p 60hz IPS monitor? I am leaning towards the BL because of the higher res and the IPS color. I know how to manually raise the refresh rate, but can I lower the res to 1080p and possibly squeeze out even more hz? (If so, how much?) Also, will overclocking the monitor's refresh rate hurt image quality? Lot's of questions for my first ever post so forgive me. PS. Don't have fast enough reflex to actually use the 1ms response time.