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  1. Well the single-threaded performance of the 1700 isn't as great as some of the intel i5's and I7's this card is usually paired with, so the performance delta could exist, and I was just wondering if anyone had experienced that.
  2. Mostly gaming, maybe streaming later on
  3. I own the R7 1700 already, and I was wondering if the GTX 1660TI would be bottlenecked by it?
  4. I am used to using the function lock for media I just don't prefer it. I have zero switch preference, I have been using reds for like 6 years now though. I had kailh blues once, but I doubt I could find a keyboard with that other than the Poseidon RGB which I doubt is in stock anymore.
  5. Do any of you know of a tenkeyless rgb keyboard with dedicated media keys? I'm coming from a quick fire tk, and I miss having RGB.
  6. Thinking of pairing an r7 1700 with a gtx 1070 ti would that bottleneck? I was looking at I5 cpus versus my ryzen and the performance gains are 5%~ , so I was looking to upgrade my RX 580 8GB
  7. Hey I'm looking to purchase some speakers from 30-80ish dollars any recommendations?