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  1. Yes its just blank. Router does not support binding ipv6 to mac. Yes I have tried resetting the TCPIP stack, i even built a new server (Virtual) Still no luck.
  2. I know how to set a static address however when the server restarts or the nic restarts the nic forgets the default gateway
  3. I have been playing around with ipv6 and would like to enable it on my entire network, however I would like to make my server have a Static ipv6 address So I would like my server to have a static ipv6 address of fe80::111:1 2404:****:****:****::111:1 (This is within my ISP provided range and as assigned to me and won't change) I was successfully able to do this on my Windows 10 laptop by going into the nic properties, setting the both the addresses, setting the Gateway to my router. Turn the nic off and back on and it all works. I run an ipv6 test and it successfully showed the address I wanted. (http://ipv6-test.com/) However on my server (and also tested in a Hyper-V Server) when I set the same settings, when I restart the server or turn the nic off then back on it loses its gateway and thus will navigate to the internet on a different address. Can anyone please explain how to get this to work on WinSever2016? I know that you aren't meant to set static IPV6 addresses, but it can be done and I want to do it.
  4. So I have a HP dl360 gen9 rackmount server 12c24t Xeon processor 64gb ddr4 eec ram 1tb m.2 NVME SSD (boot drive) 2x8tb WD red Raid 1 2x8tb Seagate Archive Raid 1 8 gigabit nics + 1x ILO I currently run Windows Server 2016 DC (desktop experience) as my host OS and about 6 Debian Hyper V VM's. I'm not happy about Windows Server being the Host OS, it's too unstable for my liking, current issue is unusable network speed (unsure, why, but 100% its a windows issue), when I say poor speed, im talking 1B/s I have to use the ILO to log in Currently the hardware is overpowered for what I need, but the server was free. I want to Virtualise all my servers but not using Hyper-V as I don't like it. I will still need 1 or 2 Windows servers and about 6-8 Debian servers. The ability to have docker would be nice but I don't need it. So what are my choices for a host OS that can visualise about 8-10 machines? Currently the SSD hosts all the machines and then Windows Server uses the all the hard drives as SAMBA shares and uses Data-deduplication I would like to use unRAID but I couldn't figure out how to pass the Raided disks through, I could pass individual disks through, but funny business happened when I did that. The RAID is using the onboard RAID solution. Would there be a performance loss to backup all the data, wipe the drives and rebuild using unraid as a software raid or is there another OS out there that would be better that can utilize the hardware raid? I don't mind paying for something ($89 for unraid is fine, if I can work it) but I don't like the idea of paying something like $200 or a subscription, its a home server. (My debian machines don't do a whole lot, each has 1gb ram and 1 core) What are my options?
  5. Hi all, I want to start using ipv6 but I don't think that the Ubiquiti USG will do what I want it to do. If this is the case, I will drop back to ipv4 only. I have a Ubiquiti USG that feeds to a Ubiquiti US-48 with a Asus RT-AC88U as wifi. My assigned IPv6 range from my ISP is 2404:XXXX:XXXX:b900::/56 I have confirmed with my ISP, these will not change until I leave them. I have a fibre connection to the home, to an NTD with a cat6 cable straight to the USG. ISP uses DHCP for Authentication. On the switch I have a HP rackmount server with a 7-8 Virtual Machines. Host is Windows Server 2016 Data Centre running Hyper-V with a bunch of Debian 9.4 VM's. What I want as an end result is having set IP addresses on my server, so I want my Host server to have the IP 2404:XXXX:XXXX:b900::1 and ( and then the Virtual machines to a have 2404:XXXX:XXXX:b900::2 ( 2404:XXXX:XXXX:b900::3 ( 2404:XXXX:XXXX:b900::4 ( 2404:XXXX:XXXX:b900::5 ( etc. For the rest of the network I dont care what devices get what ip. I need static IP on IPV6 for reasons I would rather not explain. From my understanding I need stateful ipv6. I am happy to run a Windows Server or Linux Server than will handle DNS and DHCP if needed. So far the only success I have had is IPV6 with SLAAC, but I dont like the ip addresses my Servers are getting, I want much shorter addresses going to the internet, and that same address so I can address it from the internet. (for example, private mumble server, and some game servers) I will need to factory reset my USG because I think I have completely stuffed ipv6. (Its running ipv4 only at the moment) Can anyone help with with get IPv6 in my network, with my servers having a static ip. note: 6 days of Googling has resulted in nothing.
  6. I'm an idiot. I screwed up the auto-mapping with cifs. So my setup is as follows Host-Server (Hyper-V + file server) ( One of my Hyper-V servers is Debian 9.4 (CLI, no GUI) ( I'm running the steam cache docker from one of Linus videos The linux server only has a few gb storage (~5gb total) I used NFS-common to map a share drive Location on file server G:\cache Location on Debian /mnt/ Doing a "ls" on linux shows the correct directories. On my initial test Steam cache failed, looking at the error log it could not create the dir in "/mnt/steam/data/cache" logging in as root and doing mkdir test in "/mnt/steam/data/cache" fails "permission denied Trying to change the permission using the follow command (run as root) find /mnt/ -exec chmod 777 {} \; this also fails (Permission denied) File server permission Security = Everyone, full access - ANON-LOGON, Full access Share Permissions = Everyone, full access - ANON-LOGON, Full access Anyone have ideas on how to fix this?
  7. Ever since I got the creators update when I boot my pc I can see the brightness dim, it's driving me mad. It's not Auto Brightness or night mode. I'm using a Asus GTX980 Poseidon connected via DisplayPort to my LG Ultrawide 29UB55 As you can see in video the brightness just drops instantly at 14s in the below youtube video. I can't find the setting that would cause this. I have also tried changing the theme (Flowers) and it still did it on that aswell so it's not a theme setting. I also just tried my TV connected via HDMI and it didn't do this. (LG OLED) and tried connecting my monitor (The LG ultrawide) using the same HDMI cable and it still dims. I'm beginning to think its my monitor but I don't know why it would have only started with the creators update also I am hesitant to reset my monitor as it is factory colour tuned from LG. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. I just purchased a new laptop and completely forgot about a custom touchpad setting I made on my old laptop, 2 finger tap = Scroll click On my old laptop I changed a registry value under the Synaptics key. My new laptop doesn't use synaptics, it has an "Asus Precision touchpad" which uses the built-in Windows 10 touchpad settings. I use the 2 finger tap as a scroll click over right click as I use it a lot more (I use chrome a lot). Does anyone know anything I can do to regain this function? I still use the dedicated left and right click buttons as well as the single finger tap for left click so key remapping isnt an option. I think the laptop is using an Elan touchpad but im not sure, in the device manager it shows this Any suggestions?
  9. Asus RT-AC87U running the latest official firmware
  10. I manage 2 home networks both with the same ISP. There is only 1 hop between the 2 networks and they both have 100/40 fibre connections. I want to connect the 2 networks together (same IP range would be awesome. 192.168.1.x, but im not too fussed about that). I want to get something (maybe some raspberry pi's) so I can set up a site to site connection in a way that any data between the 2 networks is shared and completely transparent to the end user, but each site uses its own internet connection for its own internet traffic. I have access to both routers (Asus rt-ac87u) and I can configure static routes. Any help on this would be great.
  11. So I think I figured it out. (untested) this is what I have When a torrent changes state Run autoextract.bat timeout 5 >nul "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" x -ibck -inul -o- "%D\*.r00" "G:\Videos" timeout 120 >nul Copy G:\Torrents\%F G:\Videos Do you see any flaws in the above? Parameters used by utorrent %F - Name of downloaded file (for single file torrents) %D - Directory where files are saved (Note: the tracker that just has video files, the torrent name is the file name)
  12. It would be a copy. But yeah that part is the easy part. Its the extraction and identification if its a .rar (multipart) or a video file before I do the copy. It might have to be multiple scripts. Dont know yet until I can work on it, also I might have multiple extensions .mkv .avi .mp4 etc
  13. Im thinking powershell. I doubt my situation will apply to many people, since I got 3 copies of server 2012r2 for free. I will defiently get the end result and post it here, and maybe somewhere else as someone will also likely have my same problem. Its going to take a metric ton off effort to get this figured out since I have no coding skill (yet) and limited batch and powershell experience (I have written 1 batch script that I have ever gone into production). It will take some time (Weeks). In the mean time im going to be manually doing the extraction and moving while I do some other things first.
  14. The reason Im using windows is because of Data de-duplication. Real killer for me, saves more than 2tb on media on my setup. The reason I have it go from D:\Downloads to G:\Torrents. Is because the D drive is a Samsung Pro 120gb ssd (for the 10 year Warranty), its there so a torrent downloads to that then flushes to my 4tb raid. Downloading straight to the raid (while seeding ~300-400 torrents) cause utorrent to crash and the whole system coming to a hault. I think the is due to the nature of how torrents download and not playing nice with the super high activity times on the raid (before the ssd, there was a wait time of over 100 seconds for the HDD, SSD fixed this)