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  1. Yep, PSU should works just fine it's not even a month old
  2. First thing I did and as I said monitor works fine. Also wouldn't explain the peripherals not getting power
  3. When I boot up my pc it boots up, all fans start running; CPU,GPU,Case fan. However I don't get any image on my monitor and none of my peripherals seem to get power. I have done alot of tests with friends pc and I concluded the PSU,RAM,GPU and monitors are completely fine. I have resetted the CMOS without success. Also I wanna add the PC used to work but I tore it down for complicated reasons and after couple months without anyone touching any of the parts it won't work. (I doubt I broke anything since I'm really carefully with my pc and have done it multiple times) Specs I5-4460 Some Acer motherboard, only thing I find written on it is N1996 (from prebuilt) Gtx 1060 3gb 16gb RAM Corsair PSU 450W
  4. Tested everything, GPU, PSU, RAM and monitors on another PC
  5. Also how will I update the bios if I don't have any image on my screen.
  6. Tried both of them without success. I'll see what the BIOS update can do but I maybe should have added that i used it before and it used to work just fine
  7. I5-4460 16gb DDr3 Gtx 1060 3gb Acer g3610 motherboard Brand new Corsair VS450 PSU
  8. So first it boots up normally, the CPU fan and the case fans run normally. I get no picture from my monitor and none of my peripherals light up. I checked with another motherboard that's way older and everything works. So it must be the mb? Is there anyway to fix it or something
  9. So I recently changed power supplies and everything worked out just fine. Now I moved to another place and while setting up my rig my pc decided not to work anymore. It boots up, the case fans and the CPU fan work perfectly but I don't get a picture on my monitor and none of my peripherals work except my headphones. I tried switching to different usb ports and still only the headphones seem to light up. I rebuilt my whole pc from scratch and this problem still persists. Is there anything I can do?