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  1. I had a dream where I bought the g502 lightspeed and regretted it because it was too heavy. I cri evertim
  2. So I want a gmmk tkl from the Glorious Gaming Master Race to try new switches and I’ve seen people complain about the rgb being too dim. To those who own a gmmk and another rgb keyboard, is the gmmk rgb dimmer?
  3. Red dragon. But if you can, try the romer g at a electronic store like Best Buy or whatever there is in Europe. Romer Gs are a “like or hate” switch. If you like it, g413. If not, then Red dragon
  4. So I’ve read that people done this before. Corsair boards are good, but the metal backplate makes any switch (even the mx Silents just a tad bit) loud! So if VOID the warranty and open up the board, will placing a bunch of foam between the PCB and bottom or back plate reduce the sounds? (Yeah I ask the strangest questions)
  5. Does it have a dedicated sniper button?
  6. So I’m planning to get a g703 cuz it seems like a good choice. I’m used to mice about 100g so it’s no big deal, but what I want is a sniper button. Is there a way to make one of the side buttons a dpi shift macro? And if so, can you set it to hold, or only toggle?
  7. Still planning to get a new board and I STILL CANT DECIDE. so which one? Corsair K65 lux Fnatic ministreak
  8. So Corsair I’m guessing
  9. A Ducky One 2 mini? Laying around? Maybe just try and solder some leads if those are the problem.
  10. I like linear switches, but I just can’t decide. Should I get: Razer Blackwidow elite with Yellows OR K70 mk2 with Reds Also like to hear good/bad experiences with these companies as well.
  11. I see. I’m just gonna buy beyerdynamic dt880 Chromes then. Seems like the best option
  12. I’m not an audiophile and I have my eyes on the Razer Kraken TE v2 headphones. The reason why it’s special is because it gives a usb dongle with 3D spacial awareness and is approved by THX. So I know my stuff, but there’s one problem. If I just by a regular v2 and buy cooling pads and that usb dongle separately, won’t that just be the TE edition? Is there any changes besides those? Love to hear from those who have both
  13. Nope. I use the arrow keys but a 65% board isn’t my taste. Sry for late response
  14. I game on low sensitivity plus I don’t really use a numpad
  15. I’m planning to pick up a new rgb tkl keyboard, but I can’t decide which board. My 2 options are: -Fnatic ministreak -Razer BW tournament edition v2 regardless of switches, which one should I pick up?