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  1. deadless


    that seems to have fixed it ran the fire strike benchmark without any issues.
  2. deadless


    if it is dying just gonna go with it as long as i can my whole system could be upgraded.
  3. deadless


    will do might take a while tough seems to just happen randomly.
  4. deadless


    ill try that hopefully its not my gpu.
  5. deadless


    ive a asus gtx 650ti boost heres the link https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/GTX650TIBDC2OC2GD5/
  6. deadless


    My computer has been acting up part of the screen would turn green before restarting. I changed out my psu hoping that would fix it but still no luck anyone have any idea how to fix this.
  7. ok im finding 2gb models for 60 seams over priced just going to save up.
  8. how much would a gtx 650 ti be worth anyway
  9. thinking about getting this then saving up for ryzen 5 with gtx 1060 or somthing
  10. ok didn't think it would help just ought might be worth checking thanks for the help
  11. ok thanks what about the cpu and oc?
  12. i got a pc for Christmas it has an intel core2quad 8300. would the gtx 650 ti be a good gpu to pair with this and right now it only has integrated graphics and i want to do some light gaming on it. full part list cpu:core2quad 8300 at 2.5 ghz ram:8gb ddr3 at 1066 mhz mb:msi g41m-p34 also what is the q8300 like for oc as that is also something i would like to do.
  13. it would work but as it's a laptop the mb would be a weird shape and wont be able to be installed in a pc case. the cpu would also be slower then a pc built one as it is slowed down to allow for lower heat and power use. so while it is possible it properly shouldn't be done.
  14. apart from a few extra fan headers on the msi mb and a few other small things there's not that big of a difference between the three.