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  1. Hi everyone I'm building my first PC and my journey has been way out of order so far. I started by getting an ASUS x299 prime deluxe motherboard because I wanted to just go crazy. My question is, how many pcie lanes will my system use? I plan on running one gpu, one - two M.2 drives and one - two sata drives. I guess my real question is am I limited by the number of pcie lanes the CPU has? If a CPU has 28 pcie lanes, can I only add hardware that uses a total of 28 pcie lanes? Noob question for sure but it could make a difference on the CPU I get (I'm getting anxious to get the system up and the CPU is the last bit) Here is my part list: 4 dimms of ram 1 gpu 2 m.2 drives 1 SSD 1 HDD Thanks!