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  1. Thank you so much @unknownmiscreant for the great tutorial. And thank you so much @miha929 to explain that i have so many fan power ports other then using commander. If i know this before, i will not buy the commander . Once again thank you so much guys. You made all this headache gone really quick. If came to bali. Just contact me. Btw here is the result
  2. Thank you all. Now i can control my corsair fan from aura. • From corsair fan hub has 3 pin but only containing 2 cable (5v and data only) ... so from the cable output. Since it only need the DATA. Actually i only rotate the cable that goes to the board ADD_Header1. so my cable position from the hub connection output will be : blank - data - 5v once again thank you all for the sharing
  3. Thank you Miha929. Yes i already read your posting several times and see how it works on your nice pc!! . But i still confused with this part : “Then..... Disconnect the 3 pin Cable from the Commander PRO that goes to the RGB hub ( I used the cable that goes to the small remote from the fan controller... ).... and Connect just the middle pin from the cable to the MoBo "ADD Connector" Data pin!!! You only need this one to work the lighting wit Aura Sinc” it’s mean 3 pin cable from the hub that connect to commander pro need extra converter so can be plug-in to Addressable RGB pin as on this picture Would you mind to take pictures about how you connect the remote cable dissamble to the board.
  4. @unknownmiscreant. Thank you so much for your time to reply my questions. Here is pictures of my setup. 1st image to show you how i put the RGB fan. 2-140mm i put on the radiator (on top pics) and i plugin on mobo fan pin (using 2 pin) near from the processor area. On commander pro, there is usb pin plugin in there. Its from the ntxz x62. As i already use the usb 2.0 connector on mobo for the commander ( please advise if i’m wrong) as on maximus X only have 1 usb 2.0 on the mobo. at the corsair hub, i plugin only 5 this moment. 2 from 140mm fan and the other 3 from 120mm fan ( all LL series fan ). At this moment i still not plugin the other 3 120mm LL at the front panel.
  5. At this moment i’m using asus rog maximus X formula. With ntxz kraken x62 2 Corsair rgb fan LL140 + 6 corsair rgb fan LL120. all corsair fan connected to corsair hub, Then i connected to corsair commander pro as the MOBO not enough fan power cable. So i pluggin all fan power to the corsair commander pro. If i want to connect to asus aura pro. I should connect 3 pin cable from commander pro to the MOBO? There is 2 5v pin on the mobo ( RGB WS2812B). Should i plugin my commander pro to this pin ? So I can controled with my asus aura for all rgb fan ?