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  1. Strategic

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Bye doesn't go without a forced smile.
  2. Strategic

    LTT to digitalize their storage in 3D?

    I meant more like this with 3D
  3. Strategic

    LTT to digitalize their storage in 3D?

    But that's not something new and tech worthy, 3D visualization which I would be very interested to look a video about it, since you've many companies investing their time on it. Like 5D architecture, and for years google doing street view for google maps. Even augmented/virtual reality or even apps like from iphone can just make a picture of your room to redesign/test it how you room could look otherwise. I was just thinking how would LTT play with 3D visualization for their own purpose and make a video about it. They are "friends" with many tech companies, maybe they could sponsor their technology, if they really would go on a very advanced level. But maybe it's just a boring idea and waste of time, since nobody seems to support it.
  4. Strategic

    LTT to digitalize their storage in 3D?

    I'm not suggesting to spend more money than they already do, but since they've hired people on salary to organise storage/warehouse which they didn't have for years, I don't think it's really spending more money. But I guess it's boring idea, considering you see this as a "waste of money" or better said waste of time to make a video about it..
  5. I was thinking since they've got people hired organising the warehouse/storage in LTT. Wouldn't it be fun for them to try to digitalize their storage/warehouse in 3D visualization and feature it in a video how they did it. Maybe even to go as far put sensors and how they're going to make use of it.
  6. I've been through many years of nightmares but could never understand why I couldn't get a stable overclock i7 7700k above 4.4 GHz, despite having a "low" temperature (60-70 Celsius full load). I've always overclocked my CPU on "CPU Ratio Mode: Fixed mode", it does work to a certain degree for me, because once every 1-7 days I get suddenly a blue-screen if I set CPU ratio too high, for me it was above 4,4 GHz. I simply thought I lost the Silicon Valley lottery and accepted it for a year. Recently I came to a solution which led me being able to overclock to 4,9+ GHz stable for more than a week and the solution I found was very simple. The reason I took Fixed mode because I never liked the CPU speed swinging around. Funny enough you can put CPU Ratio Mode to dynamic without EIST being enabled, which basically also put your CPU speed maxed at all times (correct me if I'm wrong, I looked through CPU-Z). At first I thought meh, I'm going to get a blue-screen next few days, but that wasn't the case and I've been able to overclock to higher GHz without issues. In short solution: switch Fixed Mode to Dynamic Mode and disable EIST to be able to overclock CPU ratio to higher levels without having stability issues (considering you have the right Vcore, temperature et cetera): Of course, I'm only here to share my experience to benefit someone else, if my fix hasn't worked for you, I'm sorry for wasting your time, for me it has solved the OC issue which I had with my I7-7700k. Reason why I wanted to overclock, because having multiple monitors led my CPU usage rise above 50% for Chrome, which I started to experience some "lag", when I gamed and used chrome at the same time (now it's way lower 20-30%, yes I know it's only 10% increase in GHz I don't understand it either).
  7. Strategic

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Can someone make a meme out of this?
  8. Strategic

    What genre(s) of music are you into?

    Almost everything except for metal, (power metal is okay like mago de oz). I go from A to Z almost with music preferences, but certainly I tend to be picky
  9. Strategic

    U like rap?

    Who rules the world?
  10. Strategic

    U like rap?

  11. I didn't expect it but it seems like LInus face in the tumbnail is more popular than riley's, or has it to do with something else?
  12. Strategic

    LTX 2018 Announcement!

    2000 x 500 dollars = 1,000,000 dollar that is quite some potential money to be gained. Maybe make a day available once a month for 500 dollars to visit LTT crew + restaurant dinner for tourist groups between 7-15? Funny way to give LTT crew a free restaurant dinner each month to enjoy.
  13. Strategic

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Is this still being used by LTT? I've seen many video's lately about cpu comparison with almost everywhere xeon versus flagship cpu's. But isn't it a bit pointless, considering that many games generally support 1-4 cores because otherwise they will cut off big deal of the possible player base, which was a big issue back then to some extend till now. Until the standard goes up that people with less than 4 cores can't play a game, then the usage of CPU performance can be greatly increased in games. Now ghz single core still matters most for the fps increase. You could make a video covering the progression of past years explaining that for example Men Of War (seriously one of the best games gameplay wise, spent like hundreds of hours on completing missions with my friend) only supported up to 2 duo cores and the my friend with a quad core had horrible fps (lower ghz) compared with me having a duo core cpu ( higher ghz). And how the technology advancement increased (maybe windows or the new unreal engine utilises better cpu usages or how vulkan api somehow tries to compensate the lack of cpu core support by ofloading). And most importantly the predictions, because the point of the video is that you're going to give a tech tip of how relevant is having more cores for games and when you should expect in future to be more cpu's relevant. You can also a tech tip about the new 4k 144 hz HDR (acer, asus) monitors to be released within a month or two. And to mention that you need a certain minimum of cpu or videocards to benefit from the 144 hz. Instead of telling how amazing the new monitor is leaving idiots buying the monitor to play at 60 fps. Use some setups with multiple videocards and see the fps. Make some video interesting big projects, like you did how you organized all the stuff in your building. But instead make a big video about a new project, like how you going to make a Pneumatic tube system in your office in the name of science (ofcourse you can do plenty of usefull stuffs to transport items). Look picture below, you put stuffs in tube like let's say office paper or ram stick or cpu and play with it. It's fun me to see how such system will be implemented in your office, so maybe we nerds can make one at home to bring up cola cans, ice cream to the place you want to without carrying it. I guess if I bring up more ideas it will get too spammy to read, I'll it end by here for now. if you appreciate my post, please let me know.
  14. Strategic

    Request to Linus Tech Tips

    I really appreciate your answer thank you!