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  1. Well anyways I really am sorry to bother you guys with this nonsense then. I really do appreciate it though. Thanks everyone.
  2. Well if that's right then this solves my issue. It must be that my issue was simply inexperience. I thank you much greatly for your time friend. Are you guys saying you see GiB in the photo I took?
  3. Thanks for your responses. So you guys are saying when one installs windows 10 it by default takes up 35gb's of space? I'm shocked.
  4. Sorry to bother you nice folks again but I have a real problem. Let me explain. So I have a 500gb Samsung Evo SSD m.2 nvme hard drive in this new computer. I put windows 10 on it. When I did it I partitioned the system to only give 50gb's of space to windows 10 and the rest separated. I'm an idiot. Soon enough after installing drivers and basic things now I only have 9.99gb's of space left. So I decided okay, I can't merge the partitions together (I tried) so I went to reinstall Windows. Low and behold there was no option to just completely wipe the thing. So my friend is over and he suggested to delete the other partitions and only leave the 465gb so I did and we installed Windows on the 465gb. However during and after doing that we discovered there's actually no way to get the 35gb's back. I have searched the internet's and I can't find a way. Just a load of problems that sound similar but nothing specific to this. When in disk management well I'll just attach a picture to show you guys what shows up. I'm more than willing to reinstall Windows and erase every thing if need be. Thank you guys for any help, I'm thankful your all here, I don't know of anywhere else this reputable. Thanks for any help friend's.
  5. You know what, I have took your advice! I had my relative with me and he built computers many years ago so he has some experience (waaay more than me) but he got it to pop into place! Idk why it was so stiff though, very odd
  6. That sounds terrible man! I'm glad you fixed it though! The computer stuff is so delicate dude it's insane how this stuff is so flimsy. The shroud on the Aorus 1080 ti is super flimsy, it has such a flex to it!
  7. I searched YouTube before applying the paste on how to apply thermal compound and they said the paste that has silver in it can cause shorts, I just so happened to have ordered the thermal compound that has the silver in it
  8. Thank you so much for that information! Because of that info I put it into place. I had no idea. I would say I've been in way over my head with this project but I'm learning. It's incredibly challenging so far. I'm glad you shared that info because I wouldn't even know how to search what you posted or bring it up. Hopefully others will find your post one day if they have a similar problem.
  9. The video is processed now Here's a over all photo:
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dWxX7dUTThQXsWzd2I42kQix5H-ZFxDO/view?usp=drivesdk I uploaded video, when it's done processing check it out
  11. Well thank you so much friend. That's good info. I was trying to plug in the assistant fan and the cpu cooler, one side of it just popped out of place !!
  12. It's the cryorig h5 ultimate, you stick this tool down into the holes and it turns this piece down at the bottom. The noise freaked me out. I used some special thermal paste that they say can cause shorts and such. So I'm ultra paranoid about removing it. I'm definitely glad I asked on here first. I just didn't know if it's normal for manufacturers to do some goofy things with products like allowing the thing to be tightened down way to much to where it could break ( it's my first build ). Oh man now I have to hook up all these cords. I have not a clue what goes where. And the aorus 1080 ti xtreem edition only came with one cord. But there's 2 of the 8 pin slots. Go figure. Every video iv seen online they fill up both slots. . I guess I need to order another connection cord on eBay.
  13. I was tightening this down and I heard a pop noise. Does this mean I ruined the motherboard or something? The manual doesn't say how tight to make it. Could of I ruiend my CPU?
  14. Oh that's cool man, how much does that kit go for? How do I make an official purchase from you? And it will work with the MSI B350 gaming plus? Sorry for all the questions.